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The Supremacy of a sentence is unsurpassable. The same has been taught by many philosophers. An individual sentence has the capacity to alter your Life. It can make somebody very happy or destroy somebody’s life. A famous saying by SIR ISSAC NEWTON-“Imagination has a greater role play than knowledge”, is a real example for proving the above explanation. Here we provide you 10 sentences that can change your life:-


 1. Be with people who respect you, not with who disdain you.


Do not let anyone treat you like you are unworthy of them. Stay away from such people. Be with the ones who love and appreciate you. Celebrate your sorrows, happiness and joyful moments with them.

 2. The people aren’t opposed to you, as they are to themselves.


It is the common truth that today people tend to lean towards their own interest. People generally focus on those from which they can be benefitted.


 3. Remember defeat is an occurrence, not an individual.


It’s important to always stay on positive side even when circumstances are unfavourable. You should never call yourself a defeater.

 4. Past has no control over present.


Past is history, it can never be repeated. It is said that past and present are only existent inside our own minds.  So we should stop thinking about our past.

 5. People who never made mistakes had never tried anything new.


Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Mistakes are a part of our life. It’s the universal truth that people tend to learn more from failures than from success. One of the most important things you should remember is that failure builds personality.

 6. Search the job you have liking for and you won’t have to work a single day in your life.


Take a Job You love, and you’ll find that work feels like playing. You will feel fresh and energetic while doing the work. So start finding the job you love.

 7. Dream without action is a daydream; Action without dream is a nightmare.


You should always dream as dream is the reason why there you would change for the better.


 8. After some point in our life, money is worthless. It stops to be our aim.


Money may give you fame, it may make you rich, but after a certain period of time you’ll realise money is not everything in life. It’s the common truth you cannot buy happiness, love, peace etc from the money.

 9. Don’t be sad for losing those who do not love you, as they lost someone who loved them.


You should not be sad for losing those people who don’t love you back or don’t return back your affection, instead love those who love you back.

 10. The problem is never a problem.


You should not spend time in over thinking about the problem. Let the problem go and become free.

The single sentence can carry can give you a complete new horizon about things. It can help you some new experiences that can change your life in million ways. A mere sentence can be an eye opener and a sole motivational piece that can lead you towards fulfilment of your goals.

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