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10 Toxic Foods to Feed Your Pet

10 Toxic Foods to Feed Your Pet

Knowing about the food variety that you should and shouldn’t feed your dog with is utmost compulsory to know. As long as you choose to stick to an appropriate doggy diet, everything shall be quite gravy and normal. The little puppy has a distinct digestive system than yours. There are tons of foods that can be enticing for you, but they can be really fatal for your pet. The list of fatal dog foods includes some of the healthiest human foods as well.

Seeing the little dog suffering because of a mere dietary mistake is the worst thing that can happen. The dogs too love to eat food. But, that does not mean that they can digest everything they are fed with. Following is the list of 10 most deadly food varieties that you should never let your dog eat:

1. Chocolates

Often dog owners leave a couple of chocolates around their dogs as their token of love. However, they better know that chocolate comprises of the bromine and caffeine that can lead to toxicity within your pet.  The cacao seeds that are used for producing chocolates, coffee, and tea cannot be easily ingested by the pets. The darker the chocolate, the more harmful shall it be for your pet. Chocolates can be responsible for dehydration, abdominal pains, vomiting, seizures, irregular heart rhythm and even death.

2. Milk

We all feed our puppies with milk since the time they take birth. However, similar to human digestion systems, dogs also have a probability to suffer from an intolerance of lactose. Furthermore, milk comprises of some natural sugar that does not simply break down. Consumption of milk can be a reason behind frequent diseases, vomiting, diarrhea and numerous gastrointestinal troubles of your dog.


3. Avocados

Avocados have been often seen to create health problems for dogs, rabbits, birds, horses and donkeys. They primarily devastate the cardiovascular activities of the pets that lead to death. Avocados have a substance called person which is beneficial for the ones who are non-allergic to it. However, when the same substance is given to dogs, it can prove to be toxic for them. Primarily birds have been seen to get victimized on the consumption of avocados. Donkeys and horses have been seen to array swollen necks and frequent purges.

4. Coconut

If coconut products are consumed at a small amount at frequent intervals then would probably generate no symptoms of health deterioration. However, sometimes coconut oil and coconut milk products may upset the stomach of your pet. It may cause loose stools and frequent purges. Therefore, one must be very particular while feeding the pet with the coconut products.  Even the coconut water is quite fatal for the pet as it comprises of high potassium doses.

5. Cheese

Please avoid giving any kind of cheese products to your pet. His stomach will definitely thank you later for doing so! Just similar to milk, cheese also comprises of some extra fatty components that are difficult for the natural enzymes of the dog to break. Although there is no harm in giving a petty amount of cheese to your dog, but make sure you that you do not feed your dog with it on regular basis. Excess cheese does can create  vomiting, gas troubles and stomach ache.


6. Xylitol

Toothpaste, candles, gums and some baked sodas comprise of sweetened xylitol. Xylitol can cause liver damage to your pet because of severely dropped sugar levels. The earlier symptoms include coordination trouble, lethargy, vomiting and seizures. Within just a few days of regular xylitol consumption, your dog can suffer from irrecoverable liver damage and even death.

7. Alcohol

Probably this is the worst that you can do to your pet. Alcohol can cause severe liver and brain damage to your little pet within no time. Just a small amount of liquor is enough to damage the tiny body parts of a dog. Consumption of alcohol can instantly create abnormal acidity levels, vomiting, breathing troubles and diarrhea to your pet. It can have a devastating health effect upon the innocent creature.  In case you feel that your pet has consumed alcohol, and then visits a nearby vet without any delay. The smaller the dog, the more vigorous shall be the devastation caused by alcohol consumption.

8. Onion

Onions can do much more than just making your dog cry. Onions comprise of certain substances that are a misfit for the dog`s consumption. Onions can have a negative effect on the hemoglobin levels of the dog. In case your pet regularly consumes onion, then blood transfusion might get necessary to be undertaken. Just like chocolates, the stronger the onion to more fatal it is.

9. Garlic

Garlic belongs to onion family and arrays the same features like onion on being consumed by the dog. Garlic compounds can generate strong toxicity within the dog. Just after few days of consumption, there won’t be any RBCs left within your pet and he would be absolutely reluctant for any kind of body movement.  The urine of the dog shall range from orange to dark red in color. Similar to the onion, blood transfusion may be needed for the pet`s recovery.

Dog Food

10. Undercooked Meat

Raw mat comprises of strong bacteria such an E. coli and salmonella that can be fatal for humans as well as animals. Raw eggs comprise of avidin enzymes that reduce the absorption of biotin. Consumption of raw or undercooked non-veg food can generate low bone density and poor coat quality of your pet. Feeding with raw bones might seem to be a subtle option. However, it can choke the dog and give it sustainable injuries along with puncturing the overall digestive tract.

Besides taking care of the above-mentioned foods, you must also cut-back on salted and spicy foods for the sake of your dog’s health.  Excessive salted foods can generate frequent urination and thirst. Moreover, there is a scope of sodium poisoning that can result in instant death. Potato chips, heavy snacks, salted popcorn and pretzels are a strict “no-no” for the dog.

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