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12 Mantras to be Happy Always

12 Mantras to be Happy Always

Who doesn’t wants remain to remain at peace and stay happy? Of course, we all want our lives to be jovial and stress-free. We all want to have that smiling curve on our faces that indeed adds grace to our personality. But what we forget is, happiness is a state of mind. It does not correlate with a particular situation or condition. The mantras of happiness are not rocket science to be decoded; in fact they are easily comprehensible and lie hidden somewhere within ourselves. Here’s a list of 12 mantras which will ensure that you are happy always.
1. Focus on yourself, not others
Sounds weird, but it’s a truth. Many times we lose our happiness because of being too much interfering. Just divert yourself in productive things so that you can get that deserved respect and liking from others.
2.Embrace your individuality
We compare our achievements and belongings with others and give rise to unnecessary complex. If you want to derive some true happiness, then stop trying to achieve what others have and making them a benchmark for your self-worth. Be grateful for what you have, you will realise that you have a lot more than others do.
3. Exercise and Stay fit
Certainly, you need to stay fit in order to remain happy. If you are going to indulge yourself in merry making and substance abuse, then how can you expect yourself to stay healthy and happy? In order to be at ease, keep your body away from negative people, toxic elements, and junk food. Exercise also secretes endorphins, the happy hormone which keeps you in a good mood always.
4. Do good unto others
JoinaNGOs, spend time at an orphanage and attend social gatherings; keep yourself away from the negativity of the world and find means to give back to society what you got from it. The more joy your spread, the more will come back to you manifold.

5. Keep your faith alive
No matter what horrors you past holds, sooner or later, the silver lining does shine through the dark cloud. The universe surely looks after you in ways you don’t understand or know of. Karma has its own way of settling the score. So do your deed, forgive the ones who hurt and move on in life.
6. Be positive always
Yup! That’s the biggest strategy you need to implement in order to stay happy. Turn your attention away from the negativities of circumstances and people. Remember, whatever happens, is for the best. Be keen to learn and keep moving ahead without letting yourself have a setback.
7. Wake up early and worship the sun
It has been scientifically proven that waking up early and worshipping sun instills a lot of positive vibes within a person and his inner self. The yellow color of sunshine is the strongest positive energy and epitome of happiness.
8. Prosperity is not material success
Prosperity is having more than you can ever need. Don’t equate prosperity with happiness and success with material gain. So fulfill your ambitions and enjoy our comforts but value your family, friends and relationships even more.
9. Count your blessings
Just count your blessings and name them one by one. If you keep complaining about what you don’t have, you will never be happy. If you can see and read this article, then probably you have a reason to stay happy.
10. Make new friends
If you think that you have lost connection with all your old friends, then go out and find new friends. There are so many people who search for true companions to share their happiness and sorrows. You can grab the chance of being happy by being friends with such people.
11. Make time for yourself and family
You may be earning well, but the opportunity of spending quality time with your loved ones does not remain waiting at your door steps.Keep yourself away from gadgets and work for at least few hours in a day. Visit your old granny and children instead of going for a world tour. Probably it will give you more happiness than anything else can.
12. Share your problems
Just keep yourself light-hearted by sharing your problems with friends. If you feel you can’t discuss it with your kith and kin, then share it with a colleague at work. You can even write your problems on a piece of paper, then destroy it to feel much lighter.


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