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12 Psychological Hacks to Change Your Mood Instantly

12 Psychological Hacks to Change Your Mood Instantly

Mood has a direct correlation with our emotions, and emotions are a mere state of mind. Whatever thoughts, behaviour and actions we undertake are all because of our state of mind. The term emotion has its roots in the word “motion” which means to push something. Sometimes, we end up behaving badly because of our mood and then we regret later on.

In order to have a stable mood, you must first of all try to have a control over your emotions. The fundamental components of emotions are anger, stress, and sadness, surprise, glory, and happiness. The more mature we become, the more chronically stressed we stay. In order to stay happy, one should try to reconstruct those negative thoughts which constantly surround us. One must try to be polite and keep calm so that future embarrassments because of our temporary mood phase can be avoided. Let’s have a look at some simple hacks that can enliven the mood within just a few minutes:

 1. Get outside and shed stress

The moving cars and hustle-bustle environment can extensively distract you from your worries.  As per various scientific researchers, outdoor environment promotes lower stress levels, better cardiovascular activity and reduced mental trauma. The best is to have a walk to a nearby park where you can see some little kids playing with balls and trying to learn cycling. The overall environment of parks is quite jovial and smoothening.

 2. Turn on your favourite music genre

Get grooved by the willowy and grouchy music beats that will certainly turn on your dull mood. The music type and volume can be adjusted as per your feelings and mental disposition. “In case you are worried about something, go for some soft music, “says a leading psychologist Gracie Watson. Within just 10 minutes, you will feel lowered stress hormones and better emotional feel.


 3. Make a call

Probably this is the first thing that you should do as you feel dull. Talking to someone who can console and understand you is the best way to combat those disastrous mood swings. Your beloved can guide you towards the best ways of encountering the situation along with giving that needed love and empathy.

 4. Do some work

If you keep sitting and thinking about your problems, then definitely you will get a strong nervous breakdown. Situations can’t be changed on instant basis. However, we definitely have a control our moods as soon as possible. We can change our moods by simply indulging ourselves in executing some pending work or meeting the neighbour`s home. The more we avoid those negative thoughts, the better it shall be for us to manage our lives.

 5. Go off to sleep

Sleeping is the best remedy for all mental and physical troubles. Sleeping acts like a soothing balm that wards off those piercing thoughts and makes us stronger. If you think that the constant thoughts are surrounding you and devastating you mentally, then get rid of them by having a short nap. Sleeping for few minutes will certainly refresh your mind.

 6. Make virtual friends

This seems quite absurd, but yea, making virtual friends can help you to openly communicate your problems along with maintaining your personal secrecy.  You can sign up at any of the social networking apps and make new friends who would just love to chit-chat with you at almost any point of the day. Sharing your problems with them can reduce your stress levels.

 7. Have patience

This is the best thing that can be done to you for controlling your mood. Just be positive and wait for the critical phase to pass. Nothing remains forever, neither problems nor happiness. Therefore, if you have some grief then have patience, then it will pass soon.

 8. Have chocolates

The central nervous system stimulant; caffeine can do wonders on your mood. Studies have unleashed that there is a strong connectivity between caffeine and reduced depression levels. Just a cup of coffee when you feel stressed can bring that beautiful curve called “smile” on your face.

 9. Meditation is the best remedy that can be opted

Focusing intensely on the present set of time can reduce depressive feelings and instil positivity within you. The long term meditators- Jain and Buddhist monks have proven that a human brain can heighten emotional control by simply meditating on a regular basis.  Meditation is also a method to create a connection with the divine. The more you meditate, the healthier shall you feel.


 10. Make yourself a part of cultural events

Being a part of an annual concert or visiting a museum can distract you from your mental chattering. The useless thoughts that might be worrying you up till now shall be replaced by deep anxiousness and desire for more research. The cultural participation will definitely result in lowered anxiety levels on instant basis.

 11. Set some goals for life

Always keep your life goal oriented so that you get a reason to live, love and survive. A life without goals is just like a caged parrot that constantly waits for freedom. If you don’t have any goal, then you will always feel depressed and wait for your own demise. Yes, that’s true. As per various studies, it has been proven, that people who do not have any life goals are more depressed and worried. They don’t find happiness in anything. Rather, such people are always cribbing and negative about their life quality. Their constant worries ultimately results in committing suicides.

 12. Jot down your feelings

You don’t have to always be social for removing your stress. Just by jotting down your feelings in a mere sheet of paper and then destroying it away can do real wonders to your mood. Even the most famous author robin Sharma suggests overcoming your problems by jotting them down in a diary on a regular basis. He says that by writing your problems, you try to have a deep conversation with yourself. And factually, no one can give you a better advice than you yourself.


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