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12 Types Of Colleagues You Are Sure To Come Across – Part 1

12 Types Of Colleagues You Are Sure To Come Across – Part 1

We meet, we see, we develop a rapport and then the game begins… Teammates sometimes becomes your best friends, and at times they become rivals. The game can be a win-win for both or a power game for either parties. Want to know if your colleague is a support system, friend, or a frenemy? We decode 12 types of colleagues in this two part feature, which you are certain to find at work. Read on to know who’s who…

BFFs – Best Fun Friends: These are the friends with whom you love to spend most of your office hours! Lunch hours and tea breaks become even livelier and fun when you are with them. The day they are absent can be like a day spent in hell. These friends accompany you even on your shopping trips, movie plans and dinner dates. Without you even knowing it, their names can be right at the top of your recent chats and call list.

The mouthpiece: This person collects information from all corners of the office and then goes around distributing it to others, even if it is unwelcome. It is best for you to not share any personal or important information with him/ her unnecessarily, since it can reach the ears of the bosses and peers within no time.

The cool acquaintance: This person is surely not your best friend, but still someone whom you like for no particular reason. You may only say Hello to this person, but even that is something you look forward to during your time spent in office.

The frenemy: This person is someone with whom you may necessarily have to keep cordial relations, but you would avoid otherwise for reasons best kept to yourself! The frenemy seems cool and friendly on face value, but may be secretly scheming to have you thrown out of office ASAP.

The geek: This person may not even be your friend, but he/ she is surely someone you run to when your PC or phone stares malfunctioning. He/she is the know-it-all when it comes to gadgets and has a special status in the office, although such people may sometimes be unnoticed until a new IT problem crops up.

The hottie: Frankly, this is the one for whom you actually go to office! A large chunk of your time at office is spent staring into the direction of your crush, who may not even be aware of the endless glances that come his/ her way., or maybe pretending to not be aware but enjoying the attention secretly.

Such is life, folks! Watch out for 6 more types of colleagues in the next post of this continued feature.

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