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12 Types Of Colleagues You Are Sure To Come Across – Part 2

12 Types Of Colleagues You Are Sure To Come Across – Part 2

Picking up from where we left, we continue with 6 more types of colleagues to watch out for at work.

The workaholic: You do not know whether to pity this person or be jealous of him. This person loves to spend all their waking time at office and may also be the boss’ pet for the same reason. You secretly wonder if they even have a life outside of office, but can’t help being jealous when their name is called out for promotions.

The fashionista: This person seems to have walked into office straight from the runway! You can always walk up to this colleague for the latest trends and styles. He/she is your go to person for the party times.

The backpacker: This colleague loves travel and never misses out on a chance to visit the latest cool place, be it anywhere in the world. This person may even be absent for days on end due to their constant travelling and oh, you are so jealous of him!

The party animal: He/ she is someone who always seems to be having the time of their life. They know about the latest parties and concerts in town and may even dress up for office as if it’s a place to party. And heaven forbid they even bag a promotion, which leaves you wondering who’s got the better deal? The workaholic or the party animal?

The pessimist: The pessimist makes even the sunniest day seem dreary and boring. The smallest task can appear too difficult and demanding to this person. So he/she is best avoided when there is team work involved, since he/she can lower the spirits of everyone on the team.

The happy-go-lucky one: He/ she is someone with whom even bad news can sound positive. This person is like a ray of sunshine to the office and can even be the clown when needed.

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