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15 Super Dads: Chris Hemsworth

15 Super Dads: Chris Hemsworth

This fortnight we bring you one celeb father everyday who deserves to be celebrated for his parenting skills and gives all dad’s #fathergoals to live up to. Today in focus is Chris Hemsworth.

Claim to fame: Famous as Thor in the Marvel series, Chris Hemsworth is an Australian-born Hollywood actor who is known for his roles in the Australian TV series Home And Away and in films such as the Thor series, Snow White and The Huntsman, Star Trek and Rush.

Fatherhood: Playing a Norse god and Marvel Avenger, among other roles, does not dampen Chris Hemsworth’s parental skills one bit. In fact, he is often spotted carrying his kids around and holidaying with his family, making exclusive time for the heroes in his life. Chris loves surprising his children and at one time, when his daughter India’s dinosaur-shaped birthday cake didn’t arrive on time, Chris took it upon himself to conjure the edible T-Rex, all alone! He made it a perfect copy of the soft toy she owned, replete with glitter and colourful chocolate buttons.

Lessons learnt: Chris stylishly proves that good looks are simply not enough to make you stand out in a crowd. A loving, kind and protective nature can go a long way in earning some extra brownie points among your fans, as well as helping you live a more fulfilling and enriching life by enriching the lives of your loved ones, especially your children. Being an extremely busy and successful man can be no reason to leave them pining away for their dad’s love, so make sure you spend some quality time with them daily.


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