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15 Super Dads From The Celeb World

15 Super Dads From The Celeb World

As 2016 comes to an end and we look forward to the New Year, we take a look at some awesome parenting trends being set by new-age dads who have won our hearts completely with their hands-on parenting and toddler management skills. Over this fortnight, we present to you fifteen famous men who proudly wear the ‘dad tag’ without any qualms and fulfill their parental responsibilities with as much panache and grace as their female counterparts.

David Beckham:

Claim to fame: A former English footballer, David Beckham has played for the English national team, Manchester United and Real Madrid, among other teams. Since 11 years, he has also been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has made headlines for his charity work around the world.

Fatherhood: A fantastic footballer, an amazing husband and a doting father, David Beckham wears all these titles and how! Oozing with male beauty and sensuality, David is a loving dad to four children and doesn’t mind showing off his paternal instincts, whether it involves taking them to a Super Bowl game or organising pancake parties for them or simply cuddling with them! The celeb dad also instills sound values in them, through his charity work as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He teaches them lessons in humility and the importance of being self-dependent, and this began with him urging his eldest son Brooklyn to get a job at a coffee shop. Here’s one dad who is crazy over his children and makes for an amazing role model as a father figure.

Lessons learnt: Machoism doesn’t mean you can’t be a caregiver and should curb your sensitive side. It means if you love your children, you shouldn’t be afraid to show your love. Being an intensely doting father doesn’t diminish your sexiness and instead, adds to it! Spend some more time with your kids and teach them some essential values, for which they will thank you later. This is the time they need you the most, so be sure to be there for them always.

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