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15 Super Dads: John Legend

15 Super Dads: John Legend

This fortnight we bring you one celeb father everyday who deserves to be celebrated for his parenting skills and gives all dads #fathergoals to live up to. Today in focus is American crooner John Legend.

Claim to fame: The voice behind several hit songs such as ‘All Of Me’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Love Me Now’, John Legend is a successful singer and songwriter who is known for his collaborations with several top musicians including Jay Z, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and others. He is the winner of ten Grammys, one Golden Globe and one Oscar and has also acted in films such as ‘Sesame Street: Elmo Loves You!’, ‘Soul Men’ and ‘La La Land’.

Fatherhood: The man with the soulful voice and adorable looks is also a doting daddy to daughter Luna Simone Stephens. Having becoming a father only recently in April, John is still discovering the million joys of parenthood. But nevertheless, he and his wife, model Chrissy Teigen are living it up with their darling angel. Chrissy’s statement to a news channel only proves how much he loves his daughter and vice versa! She said, “He’s her world and it’s just really cute to see because they have this strong bond… When she looks at him, it’s like these dreamy, weird, different eyes and it’s so sweet to see…I think there’s no relationship like a father-daughter relationship.”

Lessons learnt:  Fatherhood may not exactly be a bed of roses, what with the constant changing of diapers, cleaning up after the baby and going through sleepless nights with the baby’s wails in the background. Bu if you really love your baby and are willing to go through all this for it, it can be the most liberating and fulfilling experience you could ever have in your lifetime. Welcome a baby in your life and see how it can transform you forever!

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