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15 Super Dads: Neil Patrick Harris

15 Super Dads: Neil Patrick Harris

This fortnight we bring you one celeb father everyday who deserves to be celebrated for his parenting skills and gives all dads #fathergoals to live up to. Today in focus is popular actor, host and singer Neil Patrick Harris.

Claim to fame: Best known for his role as the forever suited-up ladies’ man Barney Stinson in popular TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris dons several hats, including that of an actor, singer, producer, magician and TV host with equal grace and panache. He has also acted in Starship Troopers, the Harold and Kumar movie series, The Smurfs series and Gone Girl. He was the host of the 87th Academy Awards, making him the first ever openly gay man to host the Oscars. The immensely talented actor plays every role with a certain degree of charming wit, humour and sensuality, which is the reason for his huge fan following, especially among women.

Fatherhood: Neil Patrick Harris is indeed one dad who raises the bar for parents. The blue-eyed actor personifies charm and elan to his last fibre, even in his role as a gay dad whose social media accounts are filled with pictures and videos of him living it up with his adorable twins. Whether it’s spending Christmas time together, watching jazz shows as a family or dressing them up for school and special occasions, Neil does it all with incredible patience and love, which only drives women around the world even crazier!

Lessons learnt: Being a gay dad cannot lessen your value as a father in the lives of your children. It doesn’t matter whether you are able to fit societal perceptions of right and wrong, if something is done out of love and goodness, then that thing holds prime value over everything and everyone else. Fulfill your duties and responsibilities towards your family and let others’ opinions lie where they should, that is with others.

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