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2 Minute De-Stress Techniques

2 Minute De-Stress Techniques

In our fast-paced life filled with stress, it is important to learn how to keep yourself calm under moments of high-pressure. These tips will help you be as cool as a cucumber even under the most adverse situations. Indulge in these 2 minute de-stress sessions whenever you feel your temperatures flaring.

Breathe deeply: One of the reasons why we get angry and stressed is that we don’t know how to slow down our life. Taking deep breaths will help you stabilise your mood and look at things with a fresh perspective, which will help you be more productive and creative.

Hydrate yourself: Ever told someone who’s hyper, “go drink some cold water.” Scientifically, when our body is dehydrated, we tend to be easily irritated. So the next time you feel the pressure building, take a deep breath, have a refreshing glass of water and watch the calmness pouring in.

Count to 10: Counting to 10 is another way to slow down. If you don’t feel better after 10, you can count to 20 too if it helps to clear your mind and relax yourself.

Chant Om: Om is a powerful word which is not only chanted during yoga and meditation, but can also be chanted at any place anytime. It is considered to be the primordial sound because of which the entire Universe came into existence. It has very soothing vibrations which charge the mind and help us concentrate better on the present moment, thereby eliminating our worries and anxiety.

Mood foods: Mood foods are one of nature’s best solutions to all our stress and lethargy. Yes, they are a quick way to banish our sleep and dullness to a faraway place and what’s more, their effects last for a long time too! Carry walnuts, bananas, oranges and other such cool foods and ensure that your day goes well, always.

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