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4 Things You Did Not Know About Thor’s Hammer

4 Things You Did Not Know About Thor’s Hammer

Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is an all-time favourite of fans of Norse mythology and the Marvel series! Since the time he was immortalised by Chris Hemsworth on the big screen, Thor has found a tremendous fan following among the female crowd as well, who go ooh-la-la at his onscreen physique, hypnotic smile and those warm sparkling eyes which melt every girl’s heart! But let’s now not forget Mjölnir, his hammer without which he is never seen and which helps him save us from bad guys like the serpent Jörmungandr. Here are four facts you may have not known about the gorgeous and powerful god’s incredible hammer.

The name Mjölnir is derived from the Germanic word ‘*malaną’, which means ‘ to crush or grind’, signifying the hammer’s ability to grind even mountains. In Old Norse texts, it is referred to as ‘hamarr’, which means hammer, stone, rock or cliff.

It was invented as the result of a bet Loki, the God of Mischief, had with the dwarf brothers Sindri and Brokkr. He bet his head that they would not be able to surpass the ability of the Sons of Ivaldi who had created Odin’s Gungnir and other valuables for the gods. But after he obviously lost the bet, he stated that since they would have to cut his neck too to separate his head from his body, the bet stood null and void!

Mjölnir was once stolen from Thor by Þrymr, the king of the giant race Jotnar, who wanted Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, gold, war and death, in return for the hammer. However, Loki cleverly disguised Thor as the goddess and presented ‘her’ before Þrymr, who threw a banquet in her honour. At the banquet, his lust for her became so great that he placed the hammer on her lap. Immediately, Thor seized the opportunity and took back Mjölnir, vanquishing Þrymr and his henchmen with it.

A blunder was the reason behind Mjölnir’s short handle. When it was being forged by Sindri and Brokkr, Loki tried hard to distract the latter, who had been given the responsibility of pumping the bellows nonstop. Loki turned up now and then as a fly and kept biting him hard. The third time, Loki bit Brokkr on the eyelid which drove the blood straight into his eye and compelled him to pause for a few moments to wipe away the blood. So when Sindri removed the hammer from the forge after it had been formed, the handle turned out to be shorter than was intended, which explains why Thor wields it with only one hand.

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