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5 Apps Every Foodie Needs To Download Now For Guilt-Free, Healthy Eating

5 Apps Every Foodie Needs To Download Now For Guilt-Free, Healthy Eating

As New Year approaches and we struggle to make a New Year resolution list which we can actually follow even through the next year, health is surely something which you may want to prioritise for a fitter and healthier you. But you have less cause to worry, since these five apps promise to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals at just the click of a button! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It actually is, provided you stay committed and focused on your goals and allow these apps to help you achieve them. The icing on the cake: these apps are absolutely free!

Calorie Counter: A one-stop solution for all your calorie-counting needs, Calorie Counter is a wonder app which helps you consume only as much calories as your body requires and synchronises your meals with your workout so that you eat the perfect meal and follow the right workout schedule for an improved, fitter you. Moreover, it connects to most fitness apps, boasts of a database containing over 5,000,000 foods and has an in-built recipe importer which allows you to keep track of any recipe online.

HealthyOut: If you love to dine out but the lack of much health benefits from hotel meals is what holds you back, check out HealthyOut, an app which helps you find the perfect hotel near you for all your nutritional needs and also helps you choose food which has higher nutritional value. Moreover, it can even suggest suitable changes to your chosen food item which allows you to fill your plate with wholesome goodness while still enjoying the pleasures of eating out!

MySugr: A must-have app for every diabetic, MySugrhelps helps monitor your blood sugar by informing you of the sugar levels in each food you consume and what foods you need to stay away from or cut back on to keep you healthy and safe.

Fooducate: If you wish to go beyond counting calories and discover the exact nutritional value of the various food items you consume, Fooducate is the right app for you. It helps you monitor your food intake and provides you a detailed analysis of the nutritional value of each product. It even suggests healthy recipes to aid your weight loss goals and help you enjoy food better. What’s more, it keeps you informed of your sleeping routine, hunger pangs and moods and suggests the perfect daily routine for you to accelerate weight loss and boost fitness.

My Fitness Pal: A comprehensive health app which counts calories, tracks your diet and exercise and also works with other apps, My Fitness Pal is just what its name suggests, a friend who will help you reach your fitness goals quickly and ensure that you stay on track always. If it has helped over six million users achieve their fitness goals, it can help you too. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and make way for a healthier and happier you!

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