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5 Apps You Can Download Now For An Easy Daily Life

5 Apps You Can Download Now For An Easy Daily Life

Whether it’s booking a show at the theatre at the last minute or checking your flight timings without searching for the flight tickets, apps are here to help. With technology being improved every moment to make it faster, better and more user-friendly, nowadays more people are relying on apps to make their life more convenient and smoother. Join the digital revolution and download these apps now to make your life easier and more convenient.

Book My Show: A highly popular app that is used by probably everyone these days, you can not only check show timings, prices and available seats with the app, but also book tickets on the go! No more waiting in long queues to watch your favourite films since now the app also has a specialised booking counter at theatres devoted to its users only, so that they can confirm their tickets purchased via the app and rush for their show!

Amazon: Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1996, Amazon has now become a household name which is reshaping the way the world views online shopping. As a leader in the online shopping arena, it regularly reinvents itself by keeping up with the latest shopping tends and also creating new ones, so that its customers can have the perfect shopping experience. From delivering top-quality products of possibly every category within a day to keeping you updated about latest discounts and exclusive offers, Amazon constantly introduces new features and options for its 304 million customers.

Evernote: The perfect app for taking down notes at a meeting or conference, preparing to-do lists or jotting down your creative ideas, Evernote is an extremely user-friendly app which allows you to clip articles from the Web, link your email account with the app, integrate it with your Google account and view Google Drive Docs on it, add pictures from other social media, share your notes with others via the Work Chat option and more!

Flipboard: If you love staying updated with the latest news and can’t get enough of it, you would probably have several different news apps or follow an endless number of websites to get your daily dose of a wide variety of news. But despite your love for keeping up with the latest events and trends, you may find it cumbersome to switch between different apps and websites just to derive your quota of news. Download Flipboard, an app which promises to deliver news from all over the world and ranging from several topics so that you can declutter your smartphone of the umpteen news apps and find all the news you need under one roof.

Google Now: If you thought that being an Android user won’t let you have your own predictive search system like Siri, think again. Google has come up with Google Now, an app which functions as your very own personal assistant and helps you on the go, from answering all your questions about the world to helping you discover places around you and even keeping track of your schedule. And the best part, it is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

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