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5 Calmest Places On Earth

5 Calmest Places On Earth

Peace and quiet are two most sought after gems of priceless nature, which every person wishes to enjoy 24/7. However, in today’s times when traffic, pollution, overpopulation and cramped spaces are the norm, discovering places which enjoy life at their own pace is a real blessing in disguise. Here are five places around the globe which guarantee you blissful peace and relaxation, with no strings attached!

Rishikesh: One of the perfect havens for those looking for complete peace and quiet, Rishikesh in North India is known as the World Capital of Yoga for its ubiquity of yoga centres scattered all over the place. Nestled at the bottom of the Himalayas with the holy Ganges flowing by in full force, Rishikesh is home to many renowned yogis and spiritual gurus. Moreover, it is the very place where the Beatles were introduced to the art of Transcendental Meditation, which was a major inspiration for White Album, the album they released soon after they returned from their spiritual retreat.

Pondicherry: Pondicherry or Puducherry in India was once a French colony and has retained its French connection ever since. This place must be visited for its ability to calm you down instantly with its lazy beaches, rejuvenating meditation and yoga centres and holistic ashrams which promise to eliminate your stress and worries and make you feel on top of the world.

Portland: Portland in Oregon in the USA too is counted among the calmest places of the world. One of the most chilled out places where cyclists, joggers and strollers abound, Portland is perfect for those who wish to combine relaxation and fitness, since cars are a pretty rare sight. So you can be sure avoid the noise and pollution of the busier cities and enjoy some quiet time alone or with your family.

Phoenix: Phoenix in Arizona is surely one of the coolest places on earth, since most of its citizens rank high on optimism and cheerfulness. And why not? With endless recreational activities to choose from such as hiking, golf and horse riding, people from Phoenix always find ways to be happy and calm. Also, not to forget its various spas and massage centres, which are always ready to drive away your stress and restore your inner sense of calm and peace.

Kalimpong: This idyllic hill station in West Bengal in India lets you do your own will, without having to worry about appearing cool or classy, thus adding to its cool quotient and making it a perfect place to unwind and relax. The hill station is dotted with churches and Buddhist monasteries, where you can casually enter and release your worries and tension through quiet contemplation, meditation and prayer. Also, if you find more solace in greenery, take a trip to the local tea plantations and lose yourself in the mesmerising and enchanting aroma of tea.

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