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5 Destinations Every Fashion Lover Must Visit in 2017

5 Destinations Every Fashion Lover Must Visit in 2017

Staying in trend and clothing yourself in threads that are stylish and comfy…that’s what it means to be in fashion. Fashion statements that simply radiate class and ethnicity are found in every country and culture. So we’ll just go through some of the places, some famous, some obscure, that have brought in threads and trends. Here are 5 destinations every fashion lover must visit in 2017.

Indian Ethnicity – Banaras

Famed for its banarasi paan and the purifying dip one can conduct in the river Ganges that flows by the city, Banaras is also acknowledged to be the birthplace of the famous Banarasi sarees. With patterns and embroidery unique to India, sarees from Banaras have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion industry and have created a strong demand throughout the world. Banarasi fashion is known for its use of traditional methods, making use of handlooms to procure its rich quality and fine texture which is every woman’s delight.

Mother of Fashion – Paris

When it comes to fashion, every conversation is incomplete without the mention of the Fashion Giant – Paris. Paris is home to the famous Paris Fashion Week that displays trends that have popped up in recent times. With designers like Chanel that have taken the world by storm, Paris gives birth to new trends as well as brands every season, seeing the births and deaths of countless trends and fashion companies and brands.

Fashion Overdrive – Tokyo

When one hears the word Tokyo, what comes to mind is the Tokyo Tower and its status as the capital of Japan. One may wonder why this city features in our list of fashion destinations to visit in 2017. But what is little known is that Tokyo is considered to be among the most prominent fashion capitals, not only in Asia but across the globe. The fashion in Tokyo is apparent throughout the city, fusing the traditional patterns of ancient Japan and ultramodern designs of today’s times, a direct contrast to the conventional sense of fashion, creating its own stream of artistic fashion. A trip to Tokyo, especially the neighbourhood of Harajuku will showcase the glamour of all of Japan’s fashion and entertainment, cosplay included.

Ballroom Fabrics – London

Taking James Bond, among other fictional and nonfictional fine gentlemen into consideration, London can be claimed as a city that has renewed the sense of class and high society clothing through the ages. Be it in the form of Oxford shoes or suits tailored specifically from Saville Row, London features some of the world’s most suave clothing.

Bohemian Fantasy – Copenhagen

A city in Denmark, Copenhagen has in relatively recent times brought the Nordic and the Bohemian fashion tastes back in vogue. With clothing that has brought about a sharp change in the fashion industry, Copenhagen sources some of the trendiest clothing that has been displayed in fashion cities all over the world.

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