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5 Habits To Quit In 2017 To Get Ahead At Work

5 Habits To Quit In 2017 To Get Ahead At Work

We all love to be lazy, procrastinate, postpone tasks and take it easy. And then we wonder why success is eluding us. Does this sound like you? Then here are 5 habits you need to break out of to get ahead at work.

Don’t let your work win over sleep

A good night’s sleep has the power to increase productivity, aid smarter decision-making, and unlock bigger ideas. Your prefrontal cortex is home to the problem-solving functions of the brain, and lack of sleep is sure to make you less productive. Plan your day ahead and get at least 6 hours of sleep, if not 8.

Don’t eat junk food for lunch

Maintaining energy levels requires eating a balanced lunch. Junk food is rich in sugar, salt and saturated fat. This will pull down your energy level, make you feel lethargic and drowsy. A crunchy salad might be ideal.

Don’t let the alarm snooze

The snooze button may give you the illusion of getting an extra 5 minutes of sleep, but it’s exactly that, an illusion. When you jump out of the bed at the call of the alarm, you release the alertness hormones which peps you up for the day ahead. If you hit snooze, you feel lazy to wake up and the lazy feeling continues through the day.

Don’t skip breakfast

Remember the old rule – Breakfast like a king? Well it holds true even today, and that’s one rule which will never go out of style. Your breakfast is your power dose for the day, it activates your metabolism, and keeps your hunger regulated, preventing you from overeating at later times.

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