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5 Reasons Why Every Football Lover Should Visit Germany

5 Reasons Why Every Football Lover Should Visit Germany

Once touted as the core reason why the World War II was waged, today Germany still remains a powerful nation. But over the decades it has managed to change its identity from being an aggressive, warring nation to a stable and calm country known more for its love for football, thriving arts and culture scene and strong economy, which has survived the various ups and down witnessed during the last few years in the Eurozone. Today we dissect some of the many reasons Germany gives us to explore its beautiful, fantastic country where all you get is fun, food and frolic!

A football freak: The winner of four FIFA World Cups and three UEFA European Championships, Germany is one of the most-loved countries in the football arena. As most football fans are well aware of, Germany is the only nation to have won both men’s and women’s World Cups. It has also performed well in football at the Olympics, with both the East and West Germany teams scoring medals for the nation.

Soak yourself in world-class music and philosophy: Germany has a vibrant artistic and cultural side to it, which is displayed in the form of wonderful music (be it classical, folk, pop or electro), opera, theatre, painting and philosophy. Home to some of the best composers of the world such as Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Johannes Brahms, Richard Wagner and Felix Mendelssohn, Germany offers you some of the best music in the whole wide world. It boasts of some the best rock music festivals such as the Rock am Ring and the Wacken Open Air. For those who love nature, walk along Heidelberg’s Philosophers’ Walk, where many great writers and thinkers are said to have thought out some of their best works after viewing the magnificent landscapes from this pathway.

Get lost in the beauties of Rugen Island: Rugen Island, connected to the mainland by the Rugen Bridge and Rugen Causeway, holds immense attraction for couples and photographers alike. Filled with beautiful villas, lazy beaches and seaside resorts, it is the perfect place for couples to plan their next romantic getaway! One can also explore the Jasmund National Park, known for its high cliffs, or Cape Arkona, where one can amble along and discover an old lighthouse, a charming fishing village and the ruins of an ancient Slavic castle.

Drink all you can: No one can miss out on the Oktoberfest in Germany, which is held annually in Munich between late September and early October. A historical event which originated in 1810 after a royal wedding celebration, it is attended by millions of visitors from all over the world. Although the fest is known mainly for an endless supply of Oktoberfestbier (also known as Munich beer), it is also a perfect place to indulge in the rich German culture in the open air. With activities ranging from traditional costume parades, traditional concerts, games such as shooting and throwing, amusement rides and food, one is presented with a wide range of options to have fun with friends and family.

Cruise along the Rhine: As you sail across the Middle Rhine or the Romantic Rhine which stretches between the cities of Bingen and Bonn, you will be a witness to some of the most beautiful medieval castles, vineyards, old villages and a geological formation known as the Rhine Gorge which dot this part of the country. A popular backdrop for most German folklore and historical events, the Romantic Rhine is now deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site since June 2003.

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