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5 Skills Make You An Inspiring Leader

5 Skills Make You An Inspiring Leader

As one progresses in one’s career, one becomes accountable and responsible not only for oneself, but also for other people such as teammates, subordinates and even management. As you climb the ladder, it’s only a matter of time before you find that you have crossed over from being a team member to a team leader. And before you know it, you will need to assume the role of mentor, and learn the fine art of balancing the team and holding it together. We tell you how you can be the leader who everyone looks up to, goes to when the going gets tough and respects truly.

Passion: To be a leader who inspires, you need to be passionate about your work. If you are unsure about your career goals or your core purpose in the organisation, your vibes will automatically affect the attitudes of others around you, thereby causing a slump in energy and productivity levels. Your passion for your job is also reflected in the knowledge, experience and learning you share with others. Ensure that you lead by example and help turn your workplace into a fun-filled activity centre which is also high on productivity.

Compassion: Earlier, autocratic and bureaucratic work styles meant work was conducted in a completely formal and sometimes insensitive manner and employees were supposed to work however their mental and emotional state may be. Today’s work style is a far cry from that era and reflects a humane attitude towards work and workers. Being there, professionally and personally for your employees can help them achieve a sense of belonging in the organisation and increase their dedication and commitment towards organisational goals. But be careful to not appear too pesky, clingy or bossy in their personal affairs since it can make your innocent attempts a futile exercise.

Be Fair: Gone are the days when taking credit for someone else’s work or favouring a set of employees over the rest seemed cool among the top levels of the organisation. Being fair, just and maintaining equality is what defines modern organisations today. Don’t hesitate to appreciate your subordinates, conduct just appraisals, hand out rewards, pay hikes et al regularly. Moreover, do it without any gender bias and allow your attitude to be reflective of individual and team growth, if you wish to retain your employees.


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Work-life balance: Being a workaholic is good, but remember that all work and no play makes you a dull person. So go out and indulge in some hobbies, find a passion that makes you happy or learn something new. In fact the art of Zen living also advises balance and harmony within every sphere of your life so that you can up your energy and creativity and lead a healthy, positive life. Moreover, a protégé will be more loyal and committed to your beliefs and ideals if you have a healthy degree of passion for your job and yet manage to enjoy life. With work attitudes changing and employees looking for jobs which can help them find the perfect work-life balance, you need to take the lead in l helping your teammates achieve their goals.

Curiosity and courage: Being curious to learn new things, adventurous and open to challenges and opportunities is a wonderful trait you can have as a mentor. Taking risks in life and work and constantly learning to improve your skillsets can inspire your colleagues and subordinates to do the same and challenge themselves every day, which will help the organisation move forward in the right direction together. Form the habit to learn one new thing every week and inculcate this as a team practice to motivate them to do the same too.

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