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5 Things Which Make Our Smartphones Our Time Management Gurus

5 Things Which Make Our Smartphones Our Time Management Gurus

In an era where technology dominates our very existence, our smartphones are certainly the showstoppers on the runway of our life. We can’t imagine getting through the day without our smartphones helping us get through the day. Reader Manjushree Bhandari gives us a humorous take on how smartphones effectively manage our schedules, and time itself.

Jon Snow: “You don’t have the discipline. You don’t have training.” My beautiful dream featuring one of the sexiest men on television was rudely interrupted by the blaring sound near my ear. It was my smartphone’s in-built assistant ringing its reminder to ask me to shut my alarm and look at my to-do list to get going with the day. While I did take a moment to recover from the drifty moment between dream and reality, I was grateful for my phone which had become my most efficient time manager.

Being a millennial is a boon I must say, technology never fails to surprise you, and there is new to feed your need. To each one of us, our routine, our work, our planning is different. Below are few life hacks which made my life easy peasy:

Reminders: Have you ever missed a deadline? Forgot to reply to an email? Wished someone important for their birthdays… I merely use my phone to feed a simple reminder and on the buzz… voila… wish them, email them, and do what you ought to.

Calendar: Have you goofed up your appointments, do you still use a traditional pen-n-paper organiser?? Take my advice on this, use your calendars on phone. I use Google calendar, it sync all my accounts to give me a perfect view of every meeting I have, social gatherings I need to make appearance for.

To Do list: I always make my to-do list a day prior, so that if I have anything to share with my team for their task list for the day, it could be easily sent out to them, first thing in morning. There are fantastic apps like Wunderlist which come to your aid.

Print Scan Copy: Yes, you read right. I wrote print! With modern technology now allowing you to print directly from your phone using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, you have to experience the convenience to know what I am talking about. Use your camera to take pictures and scan the document and take a print, email it, save the file for further reference, in one go!

Using your phone to make the most out it is in your power. You need to select which apps fits your requirement and you have the world on your fingers and in your palm. And I have discovered that my phone is my secretary, assistant, time keeper, all rolled into one!

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