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6 Apps to Make Your Life Stress Free

6 Apps to Make Your Life Stress Free

Stress can occur at any point of time in our lives. It can range from being mild to intense and tormenting one. Stress is a situation of physiological variance. Stress usually occurs when one is not able to perform or lacks the ability to cope up with a situation. It can lead to anxiety and nervousness and can deteriorate your mental and emotional state in a disastrous manner. Stress can be infuriating and painful. It can also cause a negative impact to the overall state of a person’s health and can even be deadly.

In today’s technological world several apps are present at our disposal that can act as real stress busters. These apps have indeed become quite popular and are used by many to mitigate anxiety and stress. Although they cannot fetch medically equitable results, yet they can certainly change your distressed state of mind and help you feel calm and relaxed within just few minutes. Most of them are free, but some require very less contribution that is quite affordable. This is a list of top six stress busting apps that will diminish stress as well as help you stay motivated and focused:
1. Natural stress relief hypnosis


Stress in the short run can motivate you to perform better and can prove beneficial. But if persistent and lasts for a longer period then it can cause severe heart problems, high blood pressure, headache, depression and erectile dysfunction. Introduced by Elizabeth Harford, the Natural stress relief hypnosis application helps you control and manage stress by a technique of hypnosis which requires you to lean down and relax. When you do this you will feel that you have occupied a space in an entirely different world free from anxiety and stress. This will help to relax your mind and help it to function in a better way. Your subconscious mind will remove all the negative thoughts. Also various sounds included in the app would calm your mind and de-clutter it thereby helping in alleviating tension and in handling stress. This app will help you feel better and confident in whatever you do.

Stress Free

2. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

One needs to identify or recognise the symptoms so as to overcome the situation and live a healthy life. Stress can be incessant and may be caused for various reasons such as excessive workload, the ambivalence of one’s career, strained relationships. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax is quite appropriate for awakening your senses to give you peace and inner happiness. This app is wondrously useful in relieving you from worldly sorrows and pains. It is designed not only for the beginners, but also for advanced yogis and gurus. It can give new life definition to you by helping you to be more focused and concentrated. The app also teaches you to meditate and to impose a better control of your life. This can motivate you to overcome your fears and face them in a better way.

3. Breathe2relax


It aims at helping you release stress by introducing the correct way of breathing. The app teaches breathing through the diaphragm which has been scientifically tested to reduce trauma and stress level. This can surely help you in stabilising your mood, controlling your anger and helping you to come out of depression by providing you peace and satisfaction. It was designed by the department of Defense’s center specifically introduced for soldiers to teach them techniques of breathing but it can perfectly be used by all.

4. Mood log


Perfect for stressed and depressed people this app helps you to track your mood during the day. It helps you to understand your mood and lets you maintain records and information related to panic attacks, headaches, menstruation, and depression. You can keep a track of the earlier records so that you can medicate yourself accordingly.  The app also helps you to identify the reasons related to stress and improvise on them by taking some good measures.

Stress Free

5. Happily


The great app shall to help you think positive and eliminate negative thoughts from your mind. It aims to improvise your physical and emotional well-being while helping you getting a better grip on your life. The app impeccably teaches you how to achieve happiness. It brings out the inherent human qualities such as politeness, kindness and helpfulness.

There are a number of activities and games designed within the app that can help you notice the positive life aspects. You can get rewarded for completing tasks which will uplift your mood dramatically. This app will help you in living a better and more stress- free as well as successful life.

6. Sleep Cycle alarm clock


We cannot stress enough on the fact how important sleep is in maintaining your health and keeping you fit and stress- free. Sleeping less can lead to fatigue, memory loss, and a stressful life. Sleep Cycle alarm clock helps you track your sleep cycle and wake you up when you are in the lightest stage of your sleep. It uses accelerometer installed on your phone for keeping your mind and mood relaxed. Ordinary alarm clocks would disrupt your sleep pattern and wake you up during deep slumber which spoils your mood and makes your day disoriented. But, this app is way different from others. It is technically invented and comes with different set of melodies that rather elevate your mood.

Work productivity and relationships can be severely affected because of excessive stress levels. The above-mentioned apps are readily available and should be installed as soon as possible to ward off stress and negative thoughts. These apps are fun to try and won’t create boredom in your life. These apps would keep you engaged by utilising your time effectively. Meditation, taking a balanced diet, controlling depression can be several ways to minimise stress, but there are many more efficient ways. You can always check them out if you ever feel disoriented or stressed. The moment you feel dull, you know there’s a solution to it.

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