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6 Body Language Tricks To Instantly Appear More Confident

6 Body Language Tricks To Instantly Appear More Confident

Confidence is sexy, impressive, effective and impactful. In fact, the magic of confidence is such that studies have found that those who appear more confident achieve higher status than their less confident peers.

Confidence is what makes you the life of the party or the star of the team. So if you are skilled but not making the right impact, then you need to work your body language to come across as a confident person. Here are a few tips which will help you look the part even when you don’t feel confident.

  1. Keep your chin and head up

Looking down and not meeting the gaze of the person you are speaking to conveys nervousness. It can even make the person feel you have something to hide. So always keep your head raised and chin up to convey that you mean business.

  1. Stand up straight

A good posture certainly has a lasting impression and affects people’s perception of you. Standing up straight projects confidence, authority, and poise, while slouching makes you look unprofessional and disinterested. Keep your shoulder slightly arched back and keep your upper body relaxed.

  1. Plant your feet in an open, wide stance

If you think no one is going to observe your feet, you are sadly mistaken. Twitching your toes or pressing them is a sign of nervousness. Always stand with your feet apart, pointing outward and aligned with your hips and shoulders. Angling your feet outward and in the direction of the person you’re speaking with shows interest, trust, and receptiveness, while a closed stance can convey disinterest.

  1. Gesture with your palms up

Open palms signify honesty and sincerity. It is also reflective of openness, non-threat or submission.  That is why when someone is taking an oath, they are asked to put their right hands palm on top of the Bible or heart, while the other palm is facing the court or the judge. This simple gesture of palm display intuitively gives us the sensation that the person is being honest with us.

  1. Keep your hands out of your pockets and always visible

Hiding your hands in your pockets indicates nervousness and sends out the message that you’re uncomfortable or uncertain about what you are saying. Noticed how little kids have their hands behind their backs when they are lying? If you don’t want to come across as deceptive or dishonest, keep your hands visible always.

  1. Eye contact is essential

The phrase “look me in the eye and say it” is not merely a challenge thrown in aggression, it is undoubtedly the mark of a strong independent person who has done no wrong. A person who is confident of what he has said and knows it to be truth, will never have a problem meeting the gaze of his accuser. So dare to look them in the eye and maintain contact to come across as a confident person.

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