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6 Easiest Meditation Tricks

6 Easiest Meditation Tricks

Everyone finds it really difficult to adapt the changes or develop something new in life. The self-practice of anything appears quite burdensome. But why does it happen? Why are we unable to control our minds and learn new thing, why?

When I was a beginner in meditation, it used to be really tough for me as the mental chatter used to constantly disturb me. The negative thoughts constantly revolved in my mind and I could not prolong my meditation for more than 10 minutes. But gradually, I noticed that through self-control and regular practice, I could achieve the longer durations of meditations. Being an expert psychologist, I would like to share my personal experiences and innovations for improving the art of mediation:

 1. The meditation music

The meditation music dramatically soothes the soul and helps to concentrate better. The pleasuring music flute creates a tantalizing effect in your ears. With the soulful music played at a low volume, your mind does not at least wander towards anything negative.


 2. Candle lighting

In case you are finding it tough to focus, then light a candle and resort for open eye meditation. You just need to stare at the candle light and release all your thoughts and mental strain.

 3. Mantra chanting

Repeat some positive word again and again, that sooth you eternally. You can choose to repeat a positive line or simply chant the biblical mantras. It does not matter what you chant. As long as it is positive, it is okay.

 4. Visualize

Create an imaginative picture and set your mind in accordance. Focus on the aura and colors of the picture and embellish it in such a way that it makes your mind fully focused. The picture can be a Godly figurine or any other thing that gives you energy.


 5. Observe

Become an observer of your mind by closing the eyes. Focus upon the chakras and begin to watch whatever you mind is personally going through. Try to recollect things and generate sensitivity towards everything. Work upon your senses of touching and feeling. Come back to the reality and get unleashed.

 6. The gratitude exercise

The gratitude exercise of the morning can do wonders in your entire day. It is done right after you get up from bed. Even if you are half-asleep or yawning; just shut your eyes and imagine yourself walking in-between a serene path. Express thankfulness for everything you have and pray to make you a better being each day.

Just talk to God for a few minutes. Tell him about your school friends, grandmother and everything which you find important in your life. Once you start getting responses from within, you shall not miss anything from your life.

The practice of meditation can be sustained for many years. It helps one to improve the overall mental and emotional state of mind. Proper meditation is the source of calmness and expansion. With just few minutes of meditation per day, one can observe the real change in the personal outlook.



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