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6 Signs That You Need To Break Up Right Now

6 Signs That You Need To Break Up Right Now

Relationships are based on one primary power – love. When love disappears, its companions, i.e. faith, trust, respect, care, concern and everything else vanishes, leaving either negative emotions such as hatred, suspicion, guilt and regret, or simply a void, a hole in our heart which may never be filled again. But the fear of negative emotions or the void mustn’t pull you back from releasing yourself when your relationship has gone kaput. If you see any of these signs in your relationship with your significant other, realise that you must end your toxic relationship and move on in life.

You have to lie to your partner: If you feel the constant need to lie to your partner about things which matter to you or for that matter, people who matter to you, you must walk out of the relationship ASAP.  If you have to hide stuff from your partner, it means he or she doesn’t approve of certain things and people who matter deeply to you, and that is a sign of a weak relationship.

You hurt yourself because of your partner: If thinking about or being with your lover causes you to engage in destructive actions which cause harm to either you or to those around you, it means your love has become toxic and you need to distance yourself from such a harmful relationship.

You do not grow spiritually: Love helps you discover new things about yourself, grow holistically and become happier and more peaceful. It can make you more creative, productive, energetic and positive about life, work and everything else in between. But if your partner acts as an obstacle in the path to self-discovery, self-improvement and spirituality, you both are just not meant to be together.

You are forced to do things you don’t like: The power of love is so great that many a times, you begin doings things for your partner which you may have not liked earlier. But remember, this is done out of love and not coercion. If you are forced to do things you don’t actually like doing and don’t want to, then you are definitely dealing with a control freak here. Nobody likes their freedom being encroached upon in this manner. So watch out for the subtle signs of a control freak and if it is suffocating you, walk out of the relationship now.


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Your partner abuses you: You are well aware that you simply need to get out of this relationship! But you aren’t doing so because you are either afraid of what society will think about you or of a fresh rain of blows (physical or verbal) from your partner. But staying in such a relationship is equivalent to have small doses of poison daily, which is finally going to kill you. Throw that bottle of poison away and look at life with a fresh perspective. You will fall in love with life again and thank yourself a zillion times for relieving yourself from your troubles. If your partner subjects you to physical, emotional or sexual abuse, there is no reason to stay.

You cannot give time to things or people you love: If your partner forces you either directly or indirectly to give all your time only to him or her and you no longer find time for your career, friends, family, hobbies or pets, it means you have turned from a lover to a slave. Love is a liberating emotion which breathes life into you, not sucks away the life out of you. If you value yourself even a little, get out of the relationship immediately and discover life again.

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