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6 Ways To Be Happy At Work

6 Ways To Be Happy At Work

Long working hours, tight deadlines, time-management issues, jealous peers… all this is water under the bridge in a usual day at work. But these seemingly normal things can often take a toll on one’s personal and mental wellbeing. It is completely in your hands to maintain composure and deal with the stress. A positive outlook will help you survive at work and ensure high productivity. Read on to be inspired…


Begin your day on a positive note and on the way to your workplace, get yourself motivated to face the day. Listen to music, or read a book you may like. Express gratitude for the day you have and also sort out the to-do list for the day ahead.

Plan your time and prioritise your to-do list to figure out the most important things first.  Work hard, but more importantly work smart. Find the fastest and most effective way to achieve your goal, and maximise your time.

Be disciplined in your method of executing the to-do list. It may not be possible to stick to the schedule you planned at the beginning of the day. Unprecedented events may crop up and throw you off the track. But if you are meticulous then it will not be difficult to achieve your list as well as accommodate the unforeseen.

Concentrate on the task at hand. Do not let yourself be distracted by worrying about all the other things to be done or losing energy over the undesirable situation you find yourself in. Stay in the moment.

Do it, dump it, or delegate it – This golden rule will surely help you in the long run. If you can do something, do it right away. If you can’t do something, due to lack of time or skill, then politely decline the responsibility. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to delegate the job to someone else. A secure professional always place team interest above personal interest. So if you can’t do something or find yourself hard-pressed for time, delegate the task to someone else.

Remember that you are more than your work. No matter how much you enjoy your work, ensure you have a life outside of your workplace. It’s great to make friends at work and have the comfort to even hangout together, but remember familiarity breeds contempt. Your colleagues knowing too much about you and your personal life can lead them to form judgements about you and those opinions can spill into your professional life. Maintain the work-life balance always.

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