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7 Life Altering Apps You Can Download Now

7  Life Altering Apps You Can Download Now

Due to technological innovation, multiple apps are at the disposal of Android users these days. You can browse and install millions of apps that are available in the Google Play store. They provide us with Entertainment and information and are quite innovative in nature. These stunning apps are sure to engage you as they are absolutely free and available in plenty.

A list of top 7 apps would make sure that you get to select the best and access what appeal to you the most. This list will surely prove productive to you as it would help to select the best stuff out of the clutter:

1. My fitness pal

This awesome app tracks all the calories you eat. According to your present weight, it tells you what your daily calorie intake should be. It keeps a database of all food items and their nutritional value. You have to just need to input the food name and it will display the present calories in that respective food item.  The app can also keep a track of your exercise routine by reducing the calories you burnt by exercising. It is a useful app for all the health conscious people and also for those who are either trying to reduce or maintain their weight




Accidental overdose of drugs can be lethal and dangerous to anyone. The right medication is necessary for your health and wellbeing. It is safe to take the correct dosage, and this medication guide app can help you do so. You can identify your medications and also get to know about the various side effects and risks associated with them. Health professionals are also available for answering your queries through this app. A record can be kept of all your previous and present medications for your reference.

 3. Lifestyle tracker

This app is quite different from the usual calorie counting apps. It can track activities that your body needs to perform daily. This app will guide you to keep your health on track and will remind you when it is the correct time to eat or sleep or drink. It focuses on doing the activities that are required rather than counting calories. If you start eating right, sleep on time and exercise daily, your lifestyle will automatically improve. The app is for all the busy people and office goers who don’t get time to manage things and do their daily activities timely. This app can prove to be a major step taken by you to improve your lifestyle,

 4. my calendar

A well-organized app for tracking period cycle of females.  From tracking ovulation to fertility this app does all the needful. You just need to enter the date of your last period in order to know the next date when your cycle starts. You can also track the days when there are higher chances of getting pregnant and also the days when your fertility is low. This multi-functional app will let you track periods and cycle for different persons. The saved data can be used for reporting to your doctor or any person you feel like. You can enter notes regarding your current mood or the flow of your period this will help in tracking your period accurately. You can also interact with different people by asking your queries through this app.



 5. Recipe search

This app can be great and useful to you if you vouch to eat healthy. You can get access to healthy recipes and avoid all that junk from the restaurants and cook your own food. You just need to mention the ingredients that are at your disposal and you can discover various recipes. A variety of food items including starters, appetizers, main course, drinks, desserts including diet recipes is available. You can bookmark and tag the recipe page even for later use. You can also watch recipe videos from YouTube linked via the app. Cooking time and calories of the food can also be mentioned you can cook innovative recipes as well as different cuisines. Install this app and became a great chef by cooking delicious food with the help of this app.

 6. Tinder

You will certainly fall in love with this app if you are on a hunt for friends or willing to start a new relationship. This dating app is highly in trend.  Through this app you can expand your social circle, meet new people or locals. All you need to do is swipe right to like someone or left if you don’t. You will get your match if a person likes you back after which you can start chatting. It is rated as the world’s hottest app by Forbes magazine. You can also connect with groups of your choice. Tinder plus and tinder boost are the upgraded features which can highlight your profile which will help you in getting access to a wide range of matches.

 7. EBay

This incredible app is quite popular and has awesome features it lets you buy, sell and bid items. Your new and used items can be displayed for sale and your product will be auctioned so that you get great rates for it. Fashion, electronics, clothing are all available for personalised search. You will get great deals at jaw-dropping prices. A wide range of collection is available ranging from clothes to home décor you can get all of it here. Recommendations pop up based on your search history so that you select the best from various alternatives. A feature of barcode and QR scanner for finding deals on products is also available. Gift option can be of an additional benefit during birthdays or festive seasons.
Technology has made our lives easier. These apps are provided for our convenience and can change our life and work habits dramatically. You can install them and feel the difference it makes by making your complex life easy and hassle free. Most of these apps are supported in IOS and windows phones besides the android operating systems.

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