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7 Must Visit Cities for Every Food Lover

7 Must Visit Cities for Every Food Lover

If you are planning a vacation and you are a big time foodie you shouldn’t miss out places serving mouth-watering palatable food. The food served in these places would not only please your taste buds but also leave that tantalizing taste in your taste buds. If you are a connoisseur and you have that amazing relationship with good food, then you are sure to be pleased with the indulging taste of food that is served here. These places can indeed become a lifetime experience for you to cherish.

Some cities are well known for their cuisines or gourmet – dining but there are very few cities that are specifically well known for a single dish served there; That one thing can authentically be found in that place . These cities are either famous for their experimental way of cooking or the traditional method adopted from several years. They all have eccentric combinations that every foodie will love to indulge in. Food tourists are travelling all over the world in search of the cities serving delicious food. So here we bring a list of seven amazing cities that you should visit if you are lately on a hunt for good food. This promising list encompasses the top-notch cities who have made the world taste their food:


  • Paris, France


This city tops the list as it serves tempting French cuisine which has affected the style of cooking all over the world their method of cooking, restaurants are undoubtedly one of the best you will find in the world. Table serving manners and seasoning of food is excellent. Steak- frites, duck  confit,  Paris- breast ,croissant, Jambon beurre  Raw- milk artisanal chesses are the favourite dishes of this place.

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  • Rome, Italy


Italy serves some awesome food. The local Italian cuisine is a must to be tried here. Most of the food served here is made according to seasonal ingredients found and is prepared in the most simple and unique way. The concept of street food is widely practice in Italy. Pasta Carbonara, a dish made up of (egg yolk, cheese and pancetta) makes a deadly combination. Besides, margherita pizza, Nona betta, cacao e peppe, mushroom risotto are few other lip smacking delicacies found over here. Mediterranean cuisine is famous for involving a lot of fruits vegetables, fish and white meat in its food. Food served here is made up of olive oil as Italians don’t use animal fat in their cooking.


  • Sydney, Australia


The coastal Australian Seafood found here is of incomparable quality. Australia has distinctive culinary history. Portuguese tart, snow egg, quay , beef pho, Anzac biscuits, macadamia nuts, witchetty grubs, pea and ham soup, lamingtons are some of the popular dishes found in Sydney.

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  • Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok too is well known for its street food. If ever you get a chance to visit Bangkok then don’t let yourself miss out the appetizing food found on the streets. It gives ultimate happiness to gorge on the street food found here. Pad –Thai a noodle dish that is savory, sweet is incredibly famous for its taste. Tom yum gong, Som tum ( Green papaya salad), Kai med na yuang (chicken with cashew nuts),grilled meat, Thai curry and rice are also exquisite.


  • Mexico City


Spanish introduced the cooking technique of frying cheese in pans. This method turned popular globally. Mexican population is full of obese people and they cannot be blamed for that as Mexico markets are flooded with mouth- watering food. Enchiladas made of corn and flour tortillas are filled with cheese, beans, seafood and meat. Native Mexican food used to usually comprises of corn, chili pepper and beans. But the Europeans introduced dairy products and animals such as pork, chicken, goat and sheep. Lots of herbs and spices were also introduced by them. So basically Mexican food is a fusion of European, Spanish and native Mexican cuisines.


  • London, UK


English cuisine is bland, boiled or basically deep fried. Fish and chips are a famous takeaway dish of United Kingdom. Fried egg, hash browns, white and black pudding, sausage, mushroom, bacons make up to a delicious breakfast of the English.  Sunday roast, pie and mash, cockles, sticky bread pudding, Eton mess and the afternoon tea is also very popular here. London has covered all the cuisines around the world. Therefore it is a multi- cultural capital of the world. Street vendors to famous posh restaurants can serve what you are looking for.


  • New Orleans, LA, USA


Tropical and spicy food is served here. The food culture here is not like any other places in the United States. This city undoubtedly has an exotic food collection. Okra, chicken, sausage and seafood are the best dishes served in the city. It is because of its food popularity this city is famous as America’s food meccas. Chicory coffee, bread pudding, crawfish etouffee,  Jambalaya  a rice dish that involves both African and Spanish origin  is made up of seafood , chicken, sausage, onions, tomatoes and more. PO’Boy is a never miss out dish that you should definitely try out.

For tasting the delightful food, one has to travel long distances across these cities for attaining the exact authentic taste of the dishes. The best way to enjoy the tour for a foodie is to specifically visit the origin of the food. A traveling foodie can gain a once in a lifetime experience by visiting these places it is totally worth investing for food in these places. There are several food blogs where people share their culinary experiences that they had while travelling to places. You can definitely check out a few of them if you ever plan on a personal food trip. Also few of the places serve nutritious food that too should be checked out. If you are a fitness freak or a health conscious individual, then there are special restaurants set ups that shall exclusively cater to your needs. For instance; there are many American restaurants that particularly serve less oily food with maximum possible inclusion of veggies and fruits in their dishes.

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