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7 Practices To Help You Live A Happier And Pleasant Life

7 Practices To Help You Live A Happier And Pleasant Life

“Happiness is nothing but a mere state of mind” says robin Sharma; the writer of monk who sold his Ferrari. There are hundreds reasons to crib and one million reasons to smile. Every person defines happiness in their own ways; everyone has their own ways to stay happy.

Few full-proof ways to stay happy include:



  • Serving to the needy ones Have you ever helped somebody in need? Have you ever dedicated yourself in serving poor? Try it someday and watch how eternal bliss captivates you. There is nothing better than finding happiness in serving the mankind.
  • Meditation and Workout – People extremely take a lot of stress either because of their work or personal life. Stress keeps them faraway from happiness. The simplest way combat stress is meditation and workout. These two key hacks can be together implemented to kick away stress from your mind.



  1. Being with your Loved ones – the digital gadgets have taken us away from our loved and dear ones. They have hiked our stress levels and have extracted our happiness from us. The only way to search happiness back is by spending some quality time with our beloved ones.
  2. Forgiveness – Forgiving somebody for what they did with you may be somewhat tough. But, by doing this you’ll be making yourself free from all the pain that is persistent in your head. Holding a grudge onto somebody will gradually tear you apart. Simply forgive them and move on. Let karma do the needful.
  3. Travel – “People who travel have a better perception about life” says Tina Mathews; a leading psychologist. Taking a vacation from your work and exploring a brand new place and people. Traveling may be a good way to induce rejuvenation within you. It helps you to explore the world and develops your thinking horizon extensively.
  4. Accepting your Mistakes – We live in world where mistakes are bound to happen and there should be no shame in accepting them. Living in denial can give you sheer loneliness. By accepting your mistakes, you may learn valuable lessons that may subsequently assist you in your life. Mistakes should be taken as a stepping stone to success. As said by Albert Einstein “ a person who has not committed mistakes has learned nothing from life”
  5. Make time for yourself – In this busy life people typically forget to grant time to themselves. Find out some happy time for yourself and relax yourself to the utmost in it.  Tell others that you are busy; not in serving others but in serving yourself.  And believe me; you don’t have to feel ashamed for it. You can choose to play, paint, dance, sleep and rejoice the way you want.  Just imagine the times when you were a child and try to do everything that made you grab happiness at that time.

If you’re looking to have a happier and pleasant life it’s only and only in your own hands. Just make the necessary changes and start with anyone of the above listed point.


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