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7 Pro Dressing Tips to Crack An Interview

7 Pro Dressing Tips to Crack An Interview

Just after you have entered the interview hall, you have already made an impression on the interviewer by the way you have dressed up and carried yourself. Words are not always needed for telling others about your personality and class. Although, a substantial resume and high-skills have their own role to play, but the way you dress up yourself is equally important. Well-polished attire is a direct entry to your dream job. Here are some of the easiest and mind-blowing tips that can help you to create that desired positive impression upon the interviewer.

 1. Dress up in a Professional Manner

Since you are going for a job interview, you just cannot afford to dress in a casual loose cargoes and ill-fitting round neck T-shirts. You have to look sober and decent. Your dress should comprise of a plain well-fitting shirt and a trouser. Make sure that you tuck in your shirt and use belt for a neater appearance. Avoid half-sleeved shirts as they don’t look appropriate for the interview sessions.

Dressing Tips

 2. Wear Matching Suits

Suits do not mean a black blazer or an expensive coat. It refers to the entire attire such as bottoms, socks, shoes, tie, watch and belt.  Mix and match the color combinations so that you have a captivating overall appearance. A dark colored blazer with a light-colored shirt is the best. Similarly, wearing black or white colored socks underneath the black shoes looks better than wearing any other color socks. The belt should be a plain leather one instead of a fancy colored jute one. You can also wear a nice branded watch for complementing your look.

 3. Wear Clean Ironed Clothes

Just wearing decent attire is not enough. Carrying it in a subtle manner is equally important. Make sure that your shirt is well washed and pressed. The plant should have proper crease and folds. Besides, no dirt stains should be present over the pockets and or anywhere else.  If you fear wearing light coloured clothes, then go for black pants and dark-coloured blazers.  If you don’t have time to wash and iron your clothes then leave them to the dry cleaners, they shall do it all for you.

Dressing Tips

 4. Avoid too much of Accessories, Make-up, Tattoos and Jewellery

Dressing for achieving success is neither too easy nor difficult. It just needs one to follow the right pathway and do little homework. The interview apparel should always be complementing. It is much similar to the wardrobe of an actor that needs to generate a perfect match every time.

You cannot afford to dress up for a party or a casual get-together when heading towards an interview. The Interview is a very sensitive phenomenon which must be faced with utmost seriousness. In case you have got your body tattooed or pierced, then hide it in the best manner possible. Remove those extra rings from your face and hide the tattoos by wearing a full-sleeved cotton shirt. Say “no” to weird hair styles and extra make up. Appropriateness plays the main role in an interview session.

 5. Don’t Smell Overpowering or Worse

Bathe in a proper way and don’t apply any sort of strong perfume, deodorant or cologne. After shaves should also be avoided as they may lead to certain allergic reactions. Fresh breath is necessary. Therefore, brush your teeth in a proper manner before you leave for an interview. In case you have eaten anything, then swish your mouth with plain water.  Smoking or chewing pan masala can give out a stale breath from your mouth. Hence, strictly avoid them. Use mint chewing gums or mouth sprays if needed.

Dressing Tips

 6. Dress up like A Boss

Polish your shoes and dust off those clothes which have long waited for you to carry them. The dressing is as important as the cover letter of your resume. An interview job pays off your long hard work in just five to ten minutes. Choosing to dress for an interview is just similar to playing poker or reading cards. It can be dicey or winning, depending upon your selection.

Sometimes, you may need a tuxedo to impress the interviewer, while sometimes a plain and simple shirt would do. You have to dress up as if you have been a working professional for decades. Dressing like your own boss means you to follow those strict dressing parameters that every professional in a corporate world follows. Here are the guidelines:

-Wear well-polished sandals or shoes

-avoid heels

-Don’t wear flashy colors

-Keep your beard and nails trimmed

-Comb your hair well

-Apply hair gel if needed

-Avoid tight fitting dresses

Dressing Tips

 7. Stay up-to-date

Nothing can be worse than wearing an outdated outfit in an interview.  Wearing an updated outfit does not mean that you have to buy a new pair of a shirt to show your fashion statement. But, the carried attire should at least go with the generation.  Wearing fresher dresses shows that you always remain in touch with the latest trends and are vigilant about yourself.

The fresh fashion does need you to wear nose rings and bump-styled hairstyles. You don’t have to give an appearance of a college student. Dress like a corporate personality that has a substance in the personality.

  • Avoid wearing clothes which are older than 5 years
  • Do not wear any casual outfits
  • Remain up-to-date with the latest style checks

The first interview is definitely very important. You can choose to be slightly lenient for the second round of interview. The main idea of dressing for an interview is to look polished.  There is no need to make creative hairstyles and carry peculiar things. Having a casual look is fine. But, having decency in looks equally matters a lot. A well-dressed person shows that she/he remains alerted for his looks and respect. One may not be needed to dress up like this each day. However, you do need to present yourself professionally throughout your life after getting a job.

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