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7 Smartest Animals You’ll Find In The Sea World

7 Smartest Animals You’ll Find In The Sea World

Marine life is an exciting and thrilling topic to talk about. Life underwater exists in such breathtaking and beautiful forms that it’s simply imperative for every scuba diver to embark on a journey to the ocean and watch nature’s creation in full glory. But talk about beauty AND brains and you’ll find that many of these sea animals are not only pretty to look at, but also really smart and intelligent. Meet these seven geeks who live underwater and can give tough competition to humans in terms of their IQ level.

Dolphins: Dolphins are known to be one of the smartest sea animals. In fact, they are the second smartest on the planet. One instance of their ingenuity is displayed by the fact that while fishing, they wear sponges on their nose to catch the best fish near rocks. They communicate well and have developed their own language, called Dolphinese. Besides humans and certain types of apes, dolphins are the only creatures who can recognise themselves in a mirror and notice changes in their body. They score high on teamwork, problem-solving, planning and organising and are known to be cleverer than chimps as well.

Lion fish: The lion fish loves to go hunting with its family and uses the row of fins on its back to send signals to them. It waves the fins in a particular manner to catch its family’s attention and once they are alerted, the lion fish and its family set out on their quest for food!

Otters: Like blackspot tuskfish, otters are one of the very few animals who use tools like stones to break open shells and eat their food. They can also play basketball and operate vending machines, making them a strong competitor to human beings. In fact they are smart enough to construct dams and bridges across rivulets and have inspired human beings to learn the skill.

Sea lions: Sea lions are logical in nature and possess great powers of analysis and deduction, a la Sherlock Holmes! They are quick learners, which is proved by the way they are easily taught entertainment tricks by circus men for people’s amusement.

Blackspot tuskfish: The blackspot tuskfish, a resident of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean uses a clever trick to break open clams for his meal. He bangs these shelled creatures on rocks till their shell cracks open and feasts on them to his heart’s fill.

Octopus: Octopus is known to be the cleverest among the invertebrates and are great problem-solvers and hunters. They use well-defined strategies and plans while on a hunting expedition to find food quickly.

Squids: Squids can easily be termed as one of the cleverest sea animals. Their brain shares many similarities to the human brain. They have high learning abilities and are very curious about their environment. They use their intelligence not only for hunting, but also to beat boredom and stay happy.

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