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7 Things to Include in the Morning Schedule to Brighten Up Your Day

7 Things to Include in the Morning Schedule to Brighten Up Your Day

No matter whether we wake up early or late, we all have a fixed morning schedule that varies differently from one person to another. Some of us are tech geeks and hop online with those blurry eyes to check online notifications and text messages, while others might simply choose to follow the traditional routine of jogging, having breakfast and packing lunch. There are literally uncountable ways for of kick starting your morning. However, only few good ways can help you to make your day into a healthy and prosperous one:

 1. Power of Silence

Silence has the greatest power to enhance your willpower.  Try to remain silent for at least 10 minutes after waking up. A human body contains a whole lot of positive energy for the first few minutes of waking up. By staying silent, one shall retain that energy within and feel really fresh throughout the day. In case you want, then you can also choose to grab some rosary beads and recall the name of almighty for improving your day.

 2. Begin with Rehydration

The body undergoes acute scarcity of water for more than 8 hours at night. Hence, it becomes really important to rehydrate it with some lemon water. You should try to have as much as water as possible for the first few hours of the day. Having more water during the day time enhances the body functioning and eradicates constipation.

 3. Wake up Early

Say “no-no” till late night wake ups and try to become an early riser. There is a whole lot of benefits of waking up early in the morning. By waking up early, you can grab some extra hours that can set you free from hurrying. Those couple of extra hours in the morning can indeed prove to be wonderful for your entire day. There shall be more positivity and management in you. Moreover, you shall be able to see the difference when you begin to wake up early morning for few consecutive days.

Early Risers

 4. Exercise

5 minutes of stretching can get you ready for the day ahead. Adding up stretching is a small yet substantial move towards improvement in your life. Few minutes of stretching prepares the body for the rest of the day. If you want, then you can also choose to warm by running and jumping for few more minutes.

The morning time can be used as the routine yoga schedule as well. It’s indeed the best time to lose some weight and turn your body healthier. The morning exercises and warm ups are the best. The stretch up can be included as a part of your yoga schedule is always beneficial.

 5. Do Dry Brushing

Dry bruising dramatically improves your blood circulation as it is an age old Ayurveda practice. Besides, dry brushing helps to enhance overall blood circulation thereby removal of the dead skin cells from your body. The best method of brushing is towards the heart. It helps in covering up the extremities. Dry bruising shall leave your skin smoother and there shall be a noticeable difference even after you have dried off yourself. Apply good moisture in order to retain the suppleness.

The used brush must be an exfoliating one. However, it should not be coarse in nature. A loofah and dry brush combination works best for the morning brushing activity. In case you want to be softer on your skin, then simply using a loofah will do.

Early Risers

 6. Put on some Light and Soothing Music

Of course you won’t be happy to turn on loud music right at the inception of the day. The morning should be a mild one. Thus, you can choose some soft music that primarily includes instruments rather than wordings. Flute music is the best for the mornings. It releases stress and keeps the mind calm. This kind of music can be enjoyed while reading the newspaper, practicing yoga and enjoying the morning coffee. A right kind of music builds up the right mindset. It pumps up action and soothes you from beforehand for the upcoming stressful day.

 7. Meditate

Meditating is all about maintaining focus upon the main goals of life. It helps in blocking away the distractions thereby maintain that internal peace and harmony. A person who practices just few minutes of meditation attains better spiritualism and positivity for life. It has been scientifically and medically proven that yoga doers have been found way healthier and happy than the ones who do not practice any form of meditation.

Benefits of meditations include:

  • More creativity
  • Enhanced brain power
  • Lesser strain
  • Better focus

Some of the people have been seen to meditate for hours, while others may just practice it for few minutes. The mornings are the best to practice meditation. The beginners can commence meditation for few minutes and then extend their time as per their convenience.  Buddhism and Hinduism have enormously realised the power of meditation. People from all parts of the world come to India for learning this art and turning their lives better.

Besides practicing few healthy activities, your morning schedule should also cut back upon the unhealthy practices. You must avoid having caffeinated or oily stuff right in the morning. The breakfast must be filed with wholesome goodies and milk instead of bloodshed and non-veg. The food should be nourishing no matter how heavy it is. As said by hermits “watch something yellow as soon as soon as you wake up, as yellow symbolises happiness”. Thus, most of the Hindu followers have been seen to worship sun in the morning.

The morning activities have an impact in your entire day. Whatever mood you carry in the morning, it remains with you for the rest of the day. Hence, make sure that you meet good people, read good things, eat healthy, practice good things, and watch yourself becoming a better soul each day.

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