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8 Brain Games for a Sharper Mind

8 Brain Games for a Sharper Mind

8 Brain Games for a Sharper Mind

Brain games serve as a stimulating factor which helps in enhancing the functioning of the brain. These serve as an effective tool in automatically challenging one self’s mental capacity and mental built. With the help of these brain games and mental exercises one can keep his/her mind away from any distractions thereby using it in the best possible manner.

Chess is an amazing example of a brain game brimming with tactical planning and strategies. In order to win, you just cannot move a piece on random basis. You need to plan systematically as to how the opponent can be on a losing position so that you are in a winning one. Regularly playing games like chess, is a sure shot solution which sharpens and stimulates the rational thinking keeping the mind strong up to a certain limit.

Sudoku is yet another brain game genre where insertion of numbers ranging from 1-9 into squares has to be done until a square is created and a line that contains each number raging from 1-9.
Hence, with chess and Sudoku one can easily enhance their strategic development skills.

Listed below are eight brain games which will keep your mind sharp:

         1. AARP Brain HQ: This game was developed by a team of expert neuroscientists. It features several games varying from memory exercises  to navigation exercises. Apart from being effective, AARP Brain HQ is fun to play and quite addictive. The game is easy to play if your moves are backed by logical approach and rational thinking. We must involve ourselves into playing some of these brain games on routine basis.In grave situations, these brain games will help dip in the chances of memory loss and avoid degeneration. The sole purpose of these games is to construct and enhance memory, behaviour, reaction time, thinking pattern, and cognitive ability.

          2. Braingle: This game comprises various riddles, brain teasers, puzzles, logic problems etc. Designed in the simplest manner, brain games leave great impact on human being’s intellect. In order to develop stronger skills, Braingle has to be played in a consistent manner. If you don’t utilise your brain to its full capacity, chances are high that it will lose its ability of strength and definition. Brain alertness also witnesses a boost in case you play this game seriously.

Brain Games

          3. Writing in the Stars: A type of crossword puzzle, this is the game which makes your brain work in speed. Players are provided with a list comprising of nine words and one must find the six that connects in order to form a six-pointed star. If the player is able to make, then he/she moves on to the next round automatically.It is observed that adults who engage themselves in mentally stimulating activities are less likely to cultivate dementia than those people who hardly engage themselves into these games. Various studies have revealed that adults who involve themselves in a mentally challenging brain game every day in a routine for many weeks can significantly enhance their memory and attain a sharper mind.

          4. Private Eye: Players are asked to use their “private eye” to examine a grid full of complex letters and symbols in order to recognise the one item that doesn’t fit in. Games like private eye hold extreme importance in one’s life over a long period of time so as to keep the brain functioning in a stronger and sharper fashion. Harder to believe but by simply playing these mind stimulating games, one can avoid the risk of memory loss and degeneration by ongoing working of the brain and keeping it sharper.

           5. Word Crunch: This is a fun game where rapid firing of questions from the grammatical domain is done on the player. A pressure is built upon the player which helps in reducing his/her response time. Brain games are also known as mind games which are fun and entertaining at the same. Word Crunch is fun and challenging at the same time. The games makes you think, process, focus, strategise, store, restore and remember information for the sole purpose of training your mind.

          6. Wordle: This brain game is basic but definitely difficult to play. The objective for the player is to build words with six letters that he/she is provided with. Once filling all the slots, the player gets scored on the basis of difficulty of the words the player built.

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          7. Switch hands: This brain game is an easy-to-play game and an exciting one also.  If the player is right-handed, he/she will try to use left hand to perform certain activities like brushing teeth, eating, etc. Usage of non-dominant hand results in heightened magnitude of brain activities.

          8. Scrabble: A traditionally classic game where 8 tiles are chosen and the players take turns to create intersecting words on a board. Stealing of words/Repetition is not allowed in this game. This game has helped many of the people in building up their vocabulary.

Various advantages are directly linked to the above mentioned best brain games. These can be summed up as:


  • 1- Healthy brain exercising.
  • 2- Enhancing concentration power.
  • 3- Embellish cognitive skills.
  • 4- Raise the functionality of the brain.
  • 5 – Visual memory training.
  • 6- Enhancing short-term memory.
  • 7- Prevent memory loss or any other memory-related illness.
  • 8- Focused approach.
  • 9- Increasing level of attention.
  • 10- Fast thinking process by enhancing lesser response time.


Brain Games

Brain games, if played properly and seriously, can help build brain fitness. Training your brain according to the required capacity of functioning can amplify the possibilities of acquiring sharp mind. Sharp mind is what everyone longs for.

We realise that in order to keep our bodies active, we need food and water. Similarly, in order to achieve a sharper and brilliant mind, a person needs to play certain brain games/ mind games where mental activity is involved in a greater extent. This will eventually elevate the rational thinking process where emotional stability is achieved and sustained hence making the mind sharper.

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