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8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

Honesty is the best policy… but is it always the best one? Especially at work? Fragile egos, conflict of ideals, different working styles, all contribute towards a volatile working atmosphere. While it is true that the team which hangs out together and has great interpersonal rapport will manage to thrive in any situation, too much familiarity and comfort may lead you to behave in a manner which doesn’t go down well with your boss. Here are 8 things you should never say to your boss, no matter what your equation.

1) I can’t: This shows, both a lack of confidence and unwillingness to take chances – neither of which will hold you in good stead with the management. It also conveys a lack of desire to learn or grow in life.

2) That’s not part of my job: Multi-taskers are better valued in a team. The more skillsets you have the more efficient you are perceived to be. And if you don’t know have to do something, but still you accomplish the task, it means you just added another skill set to your list. The higher your skill-set, the more indispensable you become.

3) That’s not what you said: Challenging your boss is never a good idea, especially in case of verbal communication, which is hard to validate. Neither parties can always recollect clearly what was said, and in case of a crisis situation both parties will assume that they are being blamed. It is always a best to keep official communication on an email.

4) I heard that…: You might be eavesdropping into other’s conversation, or might be privy to all the gossip going on in the office, but that certainly should not be a topic of discussion with your superiors. It may seem like a fun conversation while it’s happening, but the aftermath will see you being titled the gossip monger of the office.

5) I’m sorry, but…: Made a mistake? Want to own up? Then keep the ‘but’ bit out of your communication. It will nullify your apology, make you seem defensive and insincere. A direct and expected response is – I’m sorry, I’ll be careful the next time and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

6) I’ll leave, if you would like that: Nobody is indispensable and threatening to quit your job will only backfire on you. It is unprofessional and it will make you come across a flippant, unreliable person.

7) I just assumed that…: This is the most irresponsible statement you can make. It sounds like a poor excuse for a matter gone wrong and makes you sound immature and in capable of handling authority. It is best to own up to your lack of judgement and make amends.

8) I’m bored: So you don’t feel like working today, you would rather swat flies than do anything else… fair enough you can feel so. But say so and you are doomed for sure. Your boss doesn’t need to know this detail. You job is to be productive, not lazy. Find a way to balance your work and mood and get through the day.

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