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8 Ways to Beat Procrastination

8 Ways to Beat Procrastination

You have loads of work pending on your head and still, you choose to go through your social media newsfeed and get busy doing similar unimportant stuff. We all have faced the procrastination phenomenon in some or the other point of our lives. We do criminal wastage of time and end up delaying those things that could have easily been done on time.
Procrastination can gradually become your habit. It can end up making you have little or no self-discipline. A person who procrastinates has a lesser social respect. Such a person is generally unable to achieve what others are achieving. In order to avoid procrastination, you need to figure out that what is making you so reluctant to work. Avoiding something that needs to be done timely certainly has a reason that needs to be found out. Do not let procrastination overrule your life. Find ways to overcome it. Here are 8 ways to beat procrastination:
• Divide your work into phases
Many times we tend to procrastinate because we find the task to be overburdening. When we find any task to be beyond our manageable capacity, then we avoid facing it. Just break the entire work in little parts and allow few hours to each part. You don’t need to do the entire work in a single shot. Preplan everything and go step by step so that you are able to execute the work without straining yourself.
• Take help or designate
Most of us let our ego get the better of us and do not take help to accomplish a task when we are struggling to finish it. If you think that some work can be managed better with some assistance provided by some other person, then do not mind asking for it. Keep your ego aside and take some assistance instead of leaving the work undone.

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• Get rid of the distractions
Sometimes it happens that despite of having easy work, we fail to execute it on time. The cause of distraction can be your cellphone, TV or something else.Move to a serene environment, away from all distractions. Keep your cell phone switched off and isolate yourself from all distractions. You might be able to manage things in half the time.
• Compete with yourself
In order to be more efficient in working, try to better yourself every day. Instead of trying to compete with others, work on setting new benchmarks for yourself. Try and out do yourself every single day. Set a new goal, challenge yourself and out do yourself every single day.
• Do not complicate matters
If you think that you will do something after finishing a particular thing, or after sometime, then you are simply making excuses. Don’t just waste your time in complicating matters. Try to execute the task as soon as you get it. The more you delay accomplishing it, the boring it shall seem to accomplish after sometime


• Set some life goals
If you have some goals for life then you will definitely try to do better. Procrastination often results because we don’t take our lives and goals seriously. If we realize our real potential and the true meaning of life, then probably we won’t delay doing what you ought to do.

• Keep yourself free from emotional setbacks
You recently had a fight with your loved one and you are probably unable to overcome that depression. Personal events which set us back emotionally, leave us feeling drained of energy and incapacitated. However, we just need to take things in our stride and move on with what we need to do. Having emotional burdens and regrets within you shall reduce your overall efficiency. If you think that something can be fixed by a single “sorry” or a meeting the person, and then do initiate it. Forgive others because you need peace and not because they are worth your forgiveness.

• Create daily action list
That sounds easy, Right? You may forget the important things in the hustle-bustle of life. Just grab a plain paper and jot all the important things that you have in your head. Place that paper at such a location where you often get to see it. By looking at that paper, you easily get reminded of your pending work.



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