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9 Benefits of Sleep on Your Well-being

9 Benefits of Sleep on Your Well-being

A mere extra hour of sleep can definitely bring a huge difference in your overall efficiency and health. Studies have proven that insufficient sleeping hours can create negative impacts upon your mood, weight, health and even sexual performance. A good sleep is certainly a health booster. Sleep is as important as exercising and eating healthily is.

Unfortunately, the impact of modern technology and demonstration effect has generated huge interferences in our natural sleeping patterns. People are getting fewer sleeping hours and higher stress in their lives. Here are 9 exclusive reasons that why you avoid compromising on your routine sleeping hours:

1.Weight control

Probably this is the worst and the most undesired part of less sleep.  Short sleep is the strongest risk factor for high obesity. The ones who get significant sleeping hours are able to manage their weight in a better manner. In case you are planning to lose some weight, then acquiring a good sleep is the first thing that you need to do.

Power of Sleep

2. Faster recovery from chronic pain

If you have been lately suffering from some chronic pain that has either occurred due to an injury or a muscular strain then it can be healed with good sleep. Sleeping time acts as the healing period for the body. It encounters the bodily ailments and gives us rejuvenation. A single nap can be a supplement for your medication.  

3. Improved sexual life

Up to 26% of people have been seen to be leading unhappy sex lives. Sexual performance and improper sleep is interconnected. The sexual performances can be negatively affected because of tiredness that is mostly evident in men. Impaired sleep can give lowered testosterone levels. “If you are just 30years of age and lie exhausted next to your beloved each day, then it is certainly not a good sign. It’s time for you to give it a thought” says a leading health specialist of London. There has to be a way out because your bad sexual capacity will not only give you a physical setback but will also provide you with a lot of emotional strain.

Sexual Activity

4. Increased productivity

Sufficient sleep doesn’t guarantees a jovial disposition. But, it will definitely keep you away from that sour mood that you would have otherwise had. When you feel overtired then you are more likely to array anger, burst into tears and array emotional instability.

5. Sharper thinking

Many times it happens that you wake up after a shallow sleep and feel really confused and fuzzy. The brain just fails to get out of the gear. “Sleep loss meddles with the way you think” says misspell. It impairs the cognition and your decision making capacity. Studies have even proven that the ones who are deprived of proper sleep have the worst logics and negligible abilities in solving mathematical problems. They are more prone to forget the car keys and leave the refrigerator and taps open.

6. Improved immunity

Can getting ample sleep protect you from common cold? One of the preliminary researches conducted by the team of doctors has proven that people who sleep sufficiently do fall prey to lesser number of ailments. An experiment included around 150 people in which their regular sleeping schedules were monitored. They were then exposed to a cold virus. People who slept insufficiently at night were more prone to suffer from cold. There are numerous other experiments which have been conducted on the similar pattern. You just cannot deny the fact regular sleeping hours have a direct connection on your health.

Power of Sleep

7. Superior Athletic performance

Good sleep gives significant athletic performance thereby improving the mental wellbeing, speed, reaction times and accuracy of the players. Lesser sleep has a direct linkage with degraded body functionality and poor athletic performance. A study that has been conducted over 2800 women showed that women who do not get sufficient time to sleep have greater difficulty in walking, reduced grip strength and poor overall health. Longer sleeps are a must for overcoming variegated aspects physical performance.

8. Low metabolism

A team of 10 people were experimented by restricting their sleep up to 4 hours in a day. They were seen to have undesirable effects over their blood sugar and stress levels.  This was later resolved by enhancing their sleep durations. Poor sleep is alarmingly affecting the population with adverse health effects. The number of diabetes stricken people has been rising each day. The ones who sleep less than 6 hours at night are likely to have more probabilities of heart strokes. Hence, one must at least take 7-8 hours of regular sleep for a bettered overall body functioning.

9. Mental chattering and depression

Mental health has a strong association with the sleep quality. It has been revealed that majority of the depression patients have been seen to complain about their quality of sleep. Poor sleep can even result in more willingness to commit suicide. The ones with sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep and sleep apnea have significant rates of depression.

Power of Sleep

The Bottom line:  sleep has been described as a “mental healing balm” in one of the Shakespearean plays. Sleep soothes the human body and prepares it for the next slot of work. A person who fails to take ample sleep will undoubtedly be reluctant to work and face challenges.

Besides the above-mentioned health risks and problems, there are many other reasons that why you should have those longer nap hours. If you want to have a strong social recognition and work appreciation, then it would be better that you take care of your health. The saying “early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise” is needed to be understood by the population of this digitalised era. People have sacrificed their sleep, not because of work stress of physical problem, but because of social media and strong internet connection. Harsh, but this is what the true reality of today is and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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