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9 Inspiring Films For Children To Watch

9 Inspiring Films For Children To Watch

Films play an important role in our society and culture, providing us with entertainment, life lessons, comfort and sometimes a much needed tear-jerking episode where you can cry your heart out for simply no reason at all! We begin enjoying this visual medium since childhood itself. So a clever mix of positive and inspiring films for our tiny tots ensure they learn the right lessons and morals at a young age, in a fun and interesting manner. On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, we bring you a list of nine mind-blowing movies you must watch with your little ones to share some laughs and tears and strengthen your bond further.

The Lion King: We begin the list with one of the greatest children’s classics, The Lion King. The story of the strong bond and unity between Simba and his family is something all of us can relate to and is a valuable lesson for children. The importance of family and friendships is established very well in the musical, which is the perfect combination of love, action, suspense and adventure and will engage and enchant your child completely.

The Sound of Music: A marvellous story loved by children and adults like, The Sound Of Music is a classic musical based on true lives and depicts the strong love of the Von Trapp family for each other and the struggles faced by them during the Anschluss, i.e. Austria’s annexation into Nazi Germany in March 1938. The musical has some extremely popular songs which are sung even today, such as ‘Edelweiss’, ‘So Long, Farewell’, ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’, ‘My Favourite Things’ and the title track. The film provides a fitting lesson for children in history as well as family relationships and give them an excellent introduction to the musical form of film production.

Mr Peabody and Sherman: This thrilling sci-fi animated film explores an unconventional father-son relationship between an advanced dog and his adopted human son. The nerve-wracking time-travelling adventures of the two eponymous characters take you through the French Revolution, ancient Egypt, Renaissance and the Trojan War and depicts legends such as Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Antoinette, Newton, Einstein and even some of the U.S. Presidents, giving you a thoroughly delightful mix of fantasy and history!

Stanley Ka Dabba: Stanley Ka Dabba, which translates as Stanley’s Tiffin Box, is a Hindi film which brings to life the story of a boy named Stanley, who doesn’t bring his tiffin to school unlike his classmates. Later on his friends discover that he has no one to cook for him at home till his parents return to Mumbai from Delhi. So they help him out by sharing their tiffin and hiding their food from their gluttony professor, who pounces upon their tiffins during his lectures. Stanley Ka Dabba is a heartwarming film filled with instances of love and laughter, and most of all, teaches the children the importance of team-building and friendship.

Taare Zameen Par: An Indian film produced and directed by renowned actor Amir Khan who also plays a pivotal role in the film, Taare Zameen Par revolves around the life of Ishaan, a dyslexic boy who finds a mentor and friend in his art teacher Nikhumbh. Unlike others, Nikhumbh recognises Ishaan’s learning disability as well as his artistic talents and encourages his skill and creativity, while helping him overcome his learning difficulties. The film won several awards, including a National Film Award and the Filmfare Best Film Award.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: One of Victor Hugo’s two classic novels, The Hunchback of Notre Dame follows the life story of a bell-ringer named Quasimodo, who is deeply in love with a local belle named Esmeralda. However, his grotesque appearance earns him contemptuous and distasteful looks from the society and also from Esmeralda. But even then he perseveres to protect her from all evil, which makes a wonderful lesson for children to rise above external appearances and look beneath the surface of the person and also stay true and loyal to things and people they love. The Disney adaptation is a perfect blend of fantasy and reality and adds to the charm of the tale which has touched the hearts of millions all over the world.

Kung Fu Panda: The popular Kung Fu Panda movie series narrates the life of a foodie panda named Po and includes the elements of friendship, dedication, hard work, teamwork and loyalty, while teaching your child these much-needed virtues and tickling your funny bone till the end!

Finding Nemo: This much-loved film about a clownfish who gets separated from his father in the Great Barrier Reef and lands in the busy city of Sydney is a favourite among most children and will mesmerise your child too with its brilliant graphics and depiction of life underwater!

Annie: Annie which was released first in 1982 and remade in 2014, is the tale of an orphan girl named Annie who with other orphans, lives with an insensitive and apathetic governess named Miss Hannigan and hopes to find a foster family which will love and cherish her. A chance encounter with an arrogant and wealthy local businessman changes their lives forever and beating all odds, she succeeds in teaching him a few crucial lessons about love and life.

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