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9 Stress Management Strategies Which Will Help You Succeed

9 Stress Management Strategies Which Will Help You Succeed

I don’t think handle this stress anymore! Can someone please give me a break? Why does success have to come with a price? Young, successful and stressed, this is not how I planned my life! – If you find yourself saying any of these things, you know that you certainly need some stress management lessons. And so we have put together some effect stress management strategies which will help you manage yourself as well as climb the ladder of success.


Alter what you can’t avoid: Don’t like the way certain things are being done? Then find an alternate system to achieve your goal. Whether it’s a decision the management has taken, or a team member’s behaviour, if you feel you are at the receiving end of it, then don’t hesitate to speak up about how you feel. And suggest an alternative way to the effect which is less stressful for you and others.

Strategise, and then re-strategise: Each one of us has a very clear picture of the desired outcome of our efforts. So when you see that modus operandi is not giving you the result you want were trying to achieve, then figure out where the chink lies. And then come up with another plan that actually works. The key to stress management in this scenario is to tell yourself – when plan A fails, remember the English alphabet has 25 more letters.

Change yourself when you can’t change the cause: It is important to look at the problem by going away from the roots. Try to view stressful situations from a more positive perspective. Always look at the bigger picture. And remember, you can’t control external factors which cause you stress. But you surely can change the way you look at a situation and work on developing a positive attitude which helps you be less stressed.

Take a break: Sometimes, being constantly mired in a situation might make it over bearing and worse to cope with. Take a break from the scenario to reboot your mind. Whether it is an impending project, an ongoing situation at home, financial stress, or even a monotonous cycle you simply can’t break out of… just get away from the scene to freshen your mind. A simple 10 minute walk around the block with your favourite song playing on the headphones can serve as a break.

Do the 1-minute meditation: Unexpected project report to be submitted? Or the deadline to a key project has been preponed, leaving you with less time to be accomplish it? Well, take a minute to sit in silence with your eyes closed, breathe in deeply and exhale strongly. Tell yourself you are strong enough to handle the situation and fill yourself with positive thoughts. This one minute exercise will certainly infuse you with renewed energy.

Stressed is not Desserts spelt backwards: Just because you are feeling stressed, doesn’t mean you should go on a dessert spree, or find solace in food. Stress eating is one of the major reasons why you tend to put on weight easily or not manage to lose weight at all. A piece of dark chocolate is fine to lighten your mood, but avoid junk or cheese laden food as well as alcohol.

Make a to-do list: Jot down everything you need to do in the day or week. Pre-mark the important dates in a monthly format. Using a calendar will surely help you keep track of what you need to do and when. Daily schedules will help you manage your time better. Don’t forget, time management equals to stress management.

Say positive words: Try to include as many positive words as you can in your manner of speaking and communicating. There are many ways to turn negative phrases into positive ones. Positive words induce positive feelings within you, keeping you motivated and charged up to get through a daunting day, without stress.

Exercise regularly, sleep, and eat a healthy diet: Well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress. Begin your day with a 30 minute exercise routine followed by a nutritious breakfast. Avoid caffeine, sugar and processed foods. Make sure you sleep well. A tired body and mind will leave you feeling more stressed.


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