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9 Tips to Create A Stress Free Environment At Your Workplace

9 Tips to Create A Stress Free Environment At Your Workplace

Between that workaholic environment and dramatic stress, a moment of relief helps you to keep going all day long. The monotonous look of the office with dull and boring shades all over can build up a reluctance to work. Moreover, the internal noise and pressure can snatch away all your efficiency and patience.

The office workers have begun to realize the importance of a jovial working environment. Many of them have initiated few simple hacks to eradicate the undesired strain and job turnover. They have even remodeled their office looks and filled them up with enticing features and decors. Following are the few simple tips that can help you to attain a lighter and more productive working environment:

 1. Plan work breaks outside the office

You don’t have to always be within the office premises. In order to get relaxed, choose to walk till nearby café for sipping a wholesome cup of coffee with one or more of your colleagues. This can indeed give you a boost. The office environment demands decorum. You cannot afford to giggle and laugh out loudly with your friends there. Hence, taking a walk under the open sky can let you shed away your work pressure and can turn on your mood.

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 2. Change office décor

The typical black and brown color makes the office look like a boring working area. Even the motivational quotations and pictures of genius brains can be a cause a lot of irritation and anxiety. The boredom office décor can be replaced with some fun ones. You can choose certain bright paint colors for your office instead of blue and white. Moreover, the quotations can be hilarious instead of the motivational or pressuring ones. The stationary items can comprise of certain funny spring toys that look quite childish and funny. All these simple tactics can be adopted for altering up the working environment.

 3. Create a separate gaming zone

Regular breaks are really important for the office workers to stay motivated. They should be short, relaxing and fun in nature. You can choose to keep a pool table or a similar game that can be played by the workers after few hours of working. The idea of pool shall help the colleagues to relax along with letting them remain within the office premises.

 4. Keep a dog

Having a canine pet near you shall reduce your stress levels extravagantly. The dog sparks communication and results in team cohesiveness. A dog can help the office workers to become bettered teammates and collaborators. A little pet or a toy dog can be bought for meeting the purpose.

So what are you waiting for? Get a dog for your office and watch your office team working with more zeal and happiness.

 5. Celebrate every big or small success

The progress principle says that the more you celebrate it, the more you shall achieve it. Therefore, irrespective how small or big progress you have made, you can celebrate it by simply bringing a small cupcake or a bottle of wine within the office.

Achievements cannot be merely measured in terms of lofty goals. In fact, a meaningful work done; like conferring a quality customer service is also a part of achievement itself. The working team can be only happy if they are made to understand their importance in the working of your company.

 6. Create social media group and share pictures

You can keep posting certain funny pictures in the social media group that includes all your office workers. Funny pictures of pets, jokes and motivational quotes can be constantly sent for keeping the team happy and cared.

 7. Non-monetary incentives

Non-monetary incentives include fulfilling the employee desires and giving them more flexibility to work. An employee can be given non-monetary incentives in various ways. On achieving the targets; one can be made employee of the month, given transfer to the hometown, bestowed few extra holidays, letting flexibility to work, bringing up their own ideas and methods in working, and so on. There are uncountable ways of appreciating the employee. Sometimes, non-monetary incentives give greater happiness than the monetary ones.

Stress free office

 8. Adopting open-door policy

The lesser the scalar chain and bureaucracy, the better shall be the working and overall productivity of the office. The employee feedbacks must always be welcomed as they are the ones who have to work for you. Any delay in identification of the employee grievance can end up in reducing the efficiency of the worker. The mutual feedbacks of the workers about each other should also be encouraged so that long with the hard working individuals, troublesome and non-working employees can be identified.

 9. Group dance and exercise

A group dance is really fun, isn’t it? Then how about initiating a group dance to break office stress and monotony? Fantastic right! A group dance with loud hip-hop music can be organized for letting the employees grove and shed their stress. Who knows your office may have some of the best dancers who would love to showcase their talents and entertain everyone. A group dance is always a good option for reviving the office environment along with improving the health of the workers. Many of the organization have a compulsory dress code for the weekly dance parties.

Besides, the above-mentioned tips, there should be an open door policy for addressing the grievances of the workers. A complaint box placed at the office corner which includes the feedbacks of the workers should be kept. This would encourage the workers to secretly drop their complaints without their names or information mentioned over it. The given feedbacks must be regularly checked and seriously taken for improving the office environment by removal of the problems.

A constant counselling session that targets the mental troubles of the works should also be organised. A counselling session invariably reduces the employee turnover and stress levels. Cross-functional training should be given so that employees do not feel stressed when introduced with some other category of work.

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