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A Paradise for Meditation: Hawaii

A Paradise for Meditation: Hawaii

The Paradise of the Pacific, Hawaii is known for being a party-themed wild island, hence one falls to prejudice thinking there’s no scope for peace and silence. Don’t be fooled. Hawaii is renowned throughout the world by meditators. Hawaii beckons everyone looking for a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily city life, whether it be in the form of a spiritual break or a renewed honeymoon.

Gorgeous geography

The highlight of this island is definitely its unique geography. Isolated from the world, the island lies in the Central Pacific, filled with scenic landscapes. Canyons, active and dormant volcanoes and beautiful beaches provide for a stellar sight every day.

Ala Kukui

A beacon for meditators across the globe, Ala Kukui aka “The Path of Illumination” lies across 12 acres of land providing a view of The Pacific as well as The Haleakala Volcano, an inactive volcano that perpetually flows pretty lava, but rarely erupts. Ala Kukui is known to be a retreat for war veterans and people suffering from stress disorders as the place aims to heal the minds and bodies of people through mediation as well as yoga.

Indulge in aqua therapy

Not far away from the meditation centre, the Maui Ocean Centre is counted among the famous aquariums throughout the world. Featuring a walkthrough aquatic tunnel that is surrounded by glass on all sides, the aquarium gives a glimpse on what one can expect from the seas, showcasing exotic turtles and sharks among other marine life.

Lose yourself in the beauty of Nature

Overlooking the ocean, the Waipio Valley is considered to be one of the most scenic spots across the island of Hawaii. The lush flora of the valley lies abundant upon the beautiful cliff walls and provides a sight to aching minds. Looking ahead, the scene is awe-inspiring, with foaming white waves crashing against a black sand beach…indeed a sight to behold.

Work hard, party harder

Considered to be Hawaii’s biggest tourist attraction, Waikiki is a suburb in Honolulu. With a beach that is provided by a backdrop of a beautiful dormant volcano, it proudly claims a scene that remains unparalleled. Providing tourists all the amenities that one can expect of a city, Waikiki is home to the party life of Hawaii.

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