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Accumulation Of Wealth Is Simply Amassing The Evil Get Rid Of It – Swami Vivekananda

Accumulation Of Wealth Is Simply Amassing The Evil Get Rid Of It – Swami Vivekananda

The immortal teachings of swami Vivekananda continue to influence the whole world. The Indian monk, who introduced Hinduism at a whole new level, gave some eternal thoughts to the world. His words and the hidden meanings of his phrases have a dramatic impact upon the learners till date. The age old phrases are forever applicable. Vivekananda taught the world to love one another.

In one of his teachings he said that “our mental disposition is the manifestation of the world”. Our thoughts are primarily responsible how the world appears to us. We can make the world a [pear beautiful through or thoughts or establish enmity with everyone. It totally depends upon us the way we take things. We should not get toiled with the behaviors of others; rather they should be compassionately seen as something is wrong with them. The ones who hurt others are already suffering a lot. One must keep a sympathetic heart and should forgive them.

Swami Vivekananda

“Look at the positive side of the world” everything that happens in the world is for our own good. We must have a sanguine outlook for every event that takes place. Do not try to understand the evil as it will burden your heart and mind. Keep yourself free from any negative clutter and focus upon the sunshine. He says “feel like Christ, and you`ll be one” which means that we become what we think. Our feelings channelize us towards the good or the bad. If we keeping thinking about the evil, then definitely we`ll be forced to become one. A positive outlook is the real source of intellectual strength. Without any intellectuality, it is merely impossible to experience divinity if you have a poison filled heart.

Every human is a living God. Set yourself free from idol worshipping and live for one another” is what Vivekananda says about idol worshipping. He further adds that every human must be free from the bondages. There should be no hard and fast parameter to attain spirituality. The moment one sees another person, God can be revered in him.

Swami Vivekananda

Talking about the mercy and forgiveness; Vivekananda said “condemn all, for God shall do the justice”. Try to lend a helping hand to everyone even if they wronged you. Bless everyone and let them go. If money is needed to help others, then do not think twice in giving it away. “Wealth accumulation is nothing more than massing of evil. It’s better to get rid of it as soon as possible”.

No one can teach you the real virtues of life. The inner thoughts and self-realization is responsible for what you are. You can only teach yourself about the good. Your soul is the best mentor. It shall always stop you from doing something wrong. Listen to the inner voice and you will never go wrong. However, if you repeatedly ignore the inner conscious, it gradually goes away and you begin turning evil and cruel. The inner God always guides us towards the right path. Therefore, it should always be paid attention.

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