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Always Unhappy And Low? You Need An Emotional Decluttering!

Always Unhappy And Low? You Need An Emotional Decluttering!

As human beings, we experience a variety of colourful emotions which spice up our life and add depth and intensity to it. They make our lives worth living and help us go on with life’s mundane tasks with a pinch of salt.

However, what we don’t realise is that with each emotion we experience, we attract good and bad energies which affect our health and life. Positive emotions such as love and happiness attract positive energies and vice versa. This festive season, as you get into the groove of cleaning up your house, make an effort to clean up your heart and mind too to declutter the bundle of negative energies which has clogged it and dimmed the light in your life.

Take stock of the emotions you have accumulated over time and see how the positive ones have elated and uplifted your mood while the negative ones have pulled you down and away from things which matter to you. You will see that whenever you were happy, in love or at peace, you enjoyed great health and everything went perfectly for you – your career, relationships, even your plumbing!

The moment you or someone else hurt you or broke your heart, you would suddenly have caught a cold, arrived late for an appointment, fought with your loved ones for seemingly no matter or your plumbing would have gone awry.

The state of your mind reflects the state of your life. What is inside you is also reflected outside. The moment you begin accumulating unwanted and unnecessary emotions and energies within you, your physical and external state too undergoes a drastic and unwanted transformation.

Many a times, it is noticed that a person with a poor emotional and mental state tends to accumulate clutter around him or her, be it at home or at their office desk.

A person who has just been dumped or recovering from it or bereaved the loss of a loved one tends to live in an unclean and dirty space, piled with clothes, books, newspapers, cans, cartons and what not.

It usually takes some intervention from their loved ones to help them overcome their emotional breakdown and help them clean up the mess in their lives.

If you too are undergoing a similar phase in your life, take steps to clear your mind of the rubbish you have collected over a period of time. Emotions like guilt, fear, sadness, heartbreak and pain must be the first ones to go out of the window.

Surround yourself with positive, happy and loving people who will understand you and help you overcome your current crisis with love and patience. Or simply call up a friend and talk about your problems. You may or may not get some great advice on how to cope with your troubles, but you will surely get some much-deserved relief and comfort.

Discard old stuff which reminds you of unpleasant memories, such as photographs, coffee mugs, clothes, books and other memorabilia. They are a common reason why people cannot get over their grief or sorrow and which adds to the negativity in their life.

What may seem like a harmless photograph of a loved one who hurt or left you is in fact a time bomb ticking away and threatening to burst and destroy your life any moment.

Forgive and forget. It may not be easy, but this mantra is essential for you to get over your present emotional state. Forgive the other person for the hurt he or she has caused you.

You may find it even more difficult to forget that person and the pain you underwent, so work on the forgiving part and release that person as well as yourself from the binds of that hurtful event or episode.

Moreover, sometimes it so happens that more than forgiving someone else, what is required is the ability to forgive oneself. As absurd as this may sound, most of the hurt we accumulate within us is our own doing and the other person is only a catalyst for us to experience it in its entirety.

The other person’s folly only gives us a reason to blame our pain and sorrows on somebody else when the real culprit lies within us. Forgive yourself and discover life again.

Remember, as George C. Scott had said, “The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” So you too hold the power to rise above your emotions and attract positivity and goodness in your life.


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