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Are You a Victim of Someone’s Auric Imbalance?

Are You a Victim of Someone’s Auric Imbalance?

Often we have heard the word aura in a spiritual sense. We have also heard that there is a positive aura that can be good for us and a negative aura that can dramatically harm us. But do we know what the actual concept of aura is?

Aura can be defined as an electromagnetic field that encircles a human body and every organism present on earth. Every sentient that needs oxygen for survival has an aura. An aura comprises of seven layers of auric bodies. Each auric body has its own frequency and significance. Each auric is intersected and affects the human feelings, emotions, behavior, thinking, and health. Hence, the state of imbalance in one of the auric bodies results in an imbalance in all.

An aura is generally 3 feet away from the physical body. Auras are generally associated with human beings and are even used to describe people. There are so many auric colors that surround and represent us. One does not need to be metaphysician in order to comprehend them. The understanding of these colors exists in the routine experiences of a human being.


The benefits of seeing the Aura of a person

If you can see someone’s aura then you can easily tell that whether someone is lying or not. If you see your own aura then you can make the required changes for that healthy living and overall being. The thoughts of dishonest people can be identified by carefully analyzing their aura. In case someone is claiming himself to be a spiritual teacher, then they must have a yellowish-golden halo behind their head.

Even if you want to identify the upcoming ailments or root cause of a problem, then analyzing the aura of that person physically can reveal it all. Reading auras can enhance your consciousness along with aiding spiritual growth. Auras exist in quite a wide range of colors that clearly convey everything about a person and his existence.


How to Visualise an Aura

In order to visualise an aura, you need to be calm, prepared and focused. Selection of good conditions is utmost necessary so that you don’t only see an aura in a better manner, but also gain a conviction for it.

  • Situate the individual in plain white background instead of a colorful one. A colored background may  meddle with the aura colors thereby generating misinterpretation problems
  • Select a particular spot to gaze. The middle of a forehead is the best part because it is known as the third eye of a person.
  • Look at the same spot for a minute
  • Resist the temptation to see anywhere else and continue to look at that the same part. Soon you will see different colors of the background behind that person. The longer you shall gaze, the better you will be able to identify the auras.

You can try out the same thing in a mildly illuminated background that has no shadows. The best way to practice anything spiritual is under the clear blue sky.

Snapshot the Aura’s

After concentrating on someone’s aura for a long time, just close your says and try to visualise the seen aura. In case you don’t see it, then try to do it again. Analyse that how quickly you are able to visualise an aura.


Seeing Your Own Aura

The best way to see your own aura is by standing 1.5m for away from the mirror and following the same instructions that are mentioned above. The illumination should be very mild and soothing.  Practice this for at least 15 minutes on daily basis for enhancing the sensitivity of the auric sights. It is only through a proper practice that you can develop that needed psychic to identify auras.

Symbolism and Meaning of Auric colours

Aura is the contemplation of true nature at a particular moment. The society is full of stereotyped behaviours and artificial personalities. In such a situation it becomes difficult to identify a person’s true nature.  The only way left out is watching the aura of a person. The brighter and clearer the aura a person has, the more spiritually advanced and better that person shall be. Besides, the more uniform shall the energy be the more balanced shall be that person.

The Monochromatic Auric Colours

  • Blue: people having blue aura are more relaxed ad calm in nature. Such people are born survivors as they have a great deal of patience and positivity within them.
  • Purple aura: purple aura indicates truly spiritual thoughts of a person.  It appears temporarily and is never a strong auric point.
  • Red: people with red aura are materialistic oriented. They are more concerned about worldly pleasures and happiness.
  • Orange: orange aura is the sign of power and inspiration. Orange is quite close to yellow halo which is owned specifically by the spiritual teachers.
  • Yellow:  the color of joy, contentment and generosity indicated non-attachment to anything particular. It’s quite impossible to find a person which has more than 1 inch of yellow halo around them.
  • Green: people with green aura have a special love for gardening and are very peaceful by nature. The green color symbolizes healing and restful state of mind.
  • Turquoise: turquoise colour indicates the quality of being energized and capability to motivate others.  People with turquoise auras can manage multiple things at the same time. They are excellent organizers and self-disciplined.
  • Pink: in order to obtain a pink aura, a person needs to maintain a right balance of materialistic things and spiritual awareness.  The most advanced people have a pink halo along with a yellow one around their head.


The Colours of Negative Aura:

  • Grey: depressing, negative, unclear intentions and hidden personalities
  • Sulfur: anger and restlessness
  • Brown: negative spirituality and materialistic nature
  • White: white colour is a set of noise which indicates problems and ailments. Several hours before death, the aura turns white. Therefore white is taken as the colour of death instead of black.

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