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7 Natural Health Benefits of Making Time To Meditate Everyday

What if I told you that you have access to a tool that could essentially give you superpowers? A few of these superpowers include better concentration, lower stress levels, and an overall clearer mindset. The best part is that this tool is immediately accessible at any time at any place. You’ve likely heard meditation being touted as a magic fix-all tool in the health and spirituality communities, and for good reason. Image Source We often put ourselves in a wonderful dystopia of scattered thoughts, latent stresses, and otherwise poorly channeled energies. Few recommendations are better than meditation for these...

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4 Tips To Improve Your Quality Of Life And Ease Your Daily Troubles

The new dawn, the new day, and the old you; sounds really bad right? Ah, so let’s change it to; the new dawn, new day and a new you. So how about improving the life quality? How should it be done? Sometimes, you don’t have to kill yourself to bring a change. A small move is enough to create a huge difference. This new year, make up your mind to achieve something entirely different. Something that is not monetary, yet blissful. Change your life and make it way better than befog. Let’s discover how it has to be done:...

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How Meditation Can Be Your Source Of Peace During Stressful Times?

Meditation is known as the intrinsic movement inside the body. It intentionally focuses on consideration in order to change the level of focus which consequently triggers a positive condition of attentiveness and is grasped to see a vital advantage which happens and commonly activated from inside. Many individuals today deduce that meditation is made of strange sentiments. Even so the biggest rate of this time meditation is generally to some degree quiet and uneventful spare time in which you just sit gently and focus the psyche while profoundly comforting. For a few individuals, “meditation” gives an impression like somebody...

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Top 7 Mantras To Attain Tranquility

Do you really think that something in this world can be a source of calmness? Is there really a permanency in searching pacification besides your own whereabouts? Umm.. I doubt. Calmness is a phenomenon when you start controlling your brain instead of vice-versa.  Chant few positive mantras and recall almighty in-between your packed schedules. Gradually, you’ll attain a state of mind that is calm and eternal. Let’s ponder upon some exemplary techniques to achieve tranquility:  1. Ask yourself “why”? As soon as you begin asking yourself the question “why”, I swear you will stop uttering those harsh words along...

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The Third Eye Of Lord Shiva: A Source Of Inquisitiveness

Lord Shiva has a totally distinct identity amongst all Hindu Gods. He is known to be an epitome of innocence and compassion. He is the father of the universe and is known to be the protector of the world. There are many mythologies linked with him that prove how karma can catch hold of you no matter how smart you are. Just by enchanting the name of lord Shiva, a human can get rid of all his bad karmas and potential punishments. Lord Shiva is manifested with various interesting symbols like snakes, moon, Ganga, drum and the powerful Third...

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