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How Can We Achieve An Eternal Mental Growth?

The abilities to solve problems are exceptional and rare. It needs a great deal of patience, understanding and sagaciousness to give a suitable solution of a problem. The human brain literally gets a freeze on encountering problems. It gets cob-webbed and brings out no relevant solution most of the time. Remember that feel of entering in an exam hall for taking a mathematics test? That strain is all because of you think, “Perhaps, I can’t do it”. If you find yourself incapable of something, then definitely you will have a tough time.  Having faith in your own is one...

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Risk vs. Reward Rethink The Balance And Jump Into It

Yesterday Alexander asked me “how can you find the balance between Risk and Reward and then go for it’. I looked at him with a smile and answered “First of all what is risk? A common understanding of risk is that something to be avoided. But if you want to succeed in a long term, you will have to take the risk. Risk taking is one of the commanding sources of reward and chances”. The more risk you are prepared to take, the greater the reward. Though there is always a chance when you could lose more. In truth,...

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How To Be Creative?

Boosting creativity in the simplest possible manner Well! That’s a pretty tough question to answer! But, you don’t need to get nervous as far as you have the internet at your disposal. The term “creativity” is quite wide. It encompasses a lot into it. Perhaps, this universe itself is one of the forms of creativity.  Everything around us symbolises creativity in some or the other way.  Right from what is visible till what is not, creativity has a huge parameter which is beyond the human comprehension. Our minds have been particularly designed to endorse creativity. It can create wonders...

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How Talking To Stranger Can Help You Open Up Yourself

Your Elders must have always taught you to stay away from the strangers because of the bad and evil that they might have in them. However, in the current scenario, social media platforms would let you encounter many people are good, kind, generous, supportive and helpful particularly when someone asks them for help or advice. Over the years you must have heard people saying “Open up yourself”, a lot. The word “Open up” means talking about yourself and sharing your inner thoughts and feelings to another person. Sometimes you might find it difficult to open up yourself to your...

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How Love Can Take-Away Your Worries!

How Love Can Take-Away Your Worries! Love is an eternal feeling of attachment. The term love is quite dilemmatic in nature. Different people have a different perception of it. However, the ones who truly understand what love; feel contented at every point of their lives. Such people do not analyse or contemplate anything. They simply believe in giving away whatever they have. we truly love someone, we don’t actually expect them to anything in return. Their existence and their happiness are enough to keep us satiated. Love truly takes away all your worries and wants because the only thing...

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