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Be a Super Single Mom

Be a Super Single Mom

Raising a child single handedly is a tough battle for a single mom. Juggling domestic duties with a job that pays the bills while giving the child the love and attention it needs is a task which more often than not leaves the mother feeling physically tired and emotionally guilty of not doing enough. Be a super single mom with these 6 easy steps:

Find a job with flexible schedules: Given the necessity of time management to manage your work schedules in sync with you daily chores and child’s school, it would be wise to find a job which understands your needs and allows you to arrive at work at a flexible timing. There are many organisations which willingly help out their employees in such cases. Speak to your boss about your situation and work out an agreement which solves your problem without harming your work output. You can even find a job that allows you to work from home.

Let go of things you can’t control: You are not responsible for everything in this world! If things go wrong sometimes, and they certainly will, learn to accept things as they are and don’t stress about it. You are already doing a fantastic job as it is and a few things going wrong here and there won’t change that fact.

Don’t compare yourself to other families: Having a role model is fine, but understand that each person’s situation is different. It is natural to feel slightly jealous or wishful when you see other happy families. But don’t let the sight bog you down and be proud of your decision to bring up your child singlehandedly. Fostering a child is a difficult job, even for a married couple, so you need to appreciate and love yourself for it.

Day care: Day care is a sensible option for single mothers while they are at work or wish to spend some time on their own. Find a day care centre which engages children in mental and physical activities, which stimulate his physical and mental growth. This will help him develop social skills faster and excel in life as when he grows up.

Me time: It is easy for single moms to forget that even they need time off to do fun things outside their normal routine, such as clubbing, dining out, watching a movie and so on. A little me-time will work wonders in helping you be more cheerful as well as productive. Many moms view the child as a liability and vent out their anger and frustration on it, thus harming the child. Spending time with yourself will make you feel better and in turn be happier around your child.

Have a role model: When you feel low and dispirited, having a role model – be it your mom, sister, friend or even a celebrity – can be of immense help to you. A role model can inspire you when things seem tough and the road ahead seems bumpy and difficult.

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