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Be The Better Half – Part 2

Be The Better Half – Part 2

In the second part of the series on how to be a better husband, we emphasise the importance of men contributing to household duties.

Lend a helping hand: Societal norms have seen women look after the domestic duties while the men have assumed the role of the provider for the family. But with women gaining prominent positions in the corporate setup, juggling a career and home seems to be a daunting task for her. And so, men have begun to share the load, and rightly too. If you haven’t yet begun to partner with her on the domestic front, here’s how you can make the change. Start out small by keeping your stuff in its right place, cutting vegetables and then progress to cooking an entire meal for the family. Not only will you be proud of your diverse abilities, you will also be independent when she needs to go on a business trip or a long-dreamt of solo backpacking journey.

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