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Breaking Away Bad Habits

Breaking Away Bad Habits

Thinking about getting rid from those embarrassing bad habits; throat clearing, cuticle picking, knuckle cracking and nail biting? Most of us are quite loath to admit that fact that we actually own a bad habit. However, since you have admitted about having one, and you are finding ways to eradicate it then you do deserve to become a better person. Let’s find out how:

“The more frequently you practice your bad habits, the tougher it gets to get rid of them” says Patrika, clinical psychologist

That is definitely true because routine practicing of your habits become a normal part of your daily life. You actually need to be your own therapist if you really want to improve. Will power and self-determination are the key elements to get rid of a bad habit.

Make yourself conscious

If you have a bad habit then make sure you notice yourself doing it. Ask yourself “why?????”  And aim at stopping them the moment you notice. Self-control is the best way to get rid of any bad habit.

Write it down so that it gets highlighted in your mind

Maintain a log of your bad habit frequency. Write down the exact time when you initiate your bad habit and keep a track of each week this way. Find out when you actually do it; perhaps on getting bored or tensed. Enlist the pros and cons associated with your habits and keep measuring the past frequencies with the present.

Bad Habits

Switch to something new

So you know that you have a tendency of nail biting every now and then. You also want to get rid of it. But how to do it? “Try a chewing gum as soon as you urge for nail biting” says Gimmy.

“For getting rid of frequent throat clearing, inhale some peppermint or something which refreshes you” says Caliborn. Try to breathe in a different manner when you feel like clearing your throat. Eventually, you will find some differences that shall become perpetual with time.

Have positive outlook

Nervousness and negative thinking is the primary reason so as to why someone gets indulged in a bad habit. People get easily overwhelmed and they try to impose upon themselves instead of being patient and waiting for the situation to pass away. The more negative outlook you have about life, the more possibility is there for you to embrace bad habits.

The final advise and the best motivational tip that I would like to give you for getting rid of your bad habit is by creating a “swear jar”. Money is one of the best motivator.  A swear jar will definitely help you to ditch your bad habits. Drop some money in the swear jar whenever you witness a downfall in the frequency of your habits.

The more you reward yourself, the more successful shall you become. Give yourself a dollar (in case you succeed). 21 days are enough to combat any bad habit.

If you also have any suggestions for getting rid of the bad habits then please share them with us by commenting below this article in the mail box we would love to hear from you.


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