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Bored With Your Marriage? Rekindle The Spark, NOW!

Bored With Your Marriage? Rekindle The Spark, NOW!

Marriage – the bond between two people which lasts for a lifetime. But with the passage of time, every marriage goes through a certain phase where either one or both spouses feel a slack in their love life, sex or any other aspect of their relationship. Marriage needs effort on the part of both parties to keep the spark alive. Here are some ways to infuse the youth in your middle-age and ensure that there’s never a dull moment in your marital haven.


Carve out time for each other: As simple as this may sound, a major reason for most failing relationships is the lack of ‘we’ time between couples. They may ace the race to climb up the success ladder, but they lose out on each other. Work and family takes priority over personal time and there begins the problem.

Set aside at least an hour for each before going to bed and simply talk – talk about your problems, needs, achievements, goals, dreams or anything else that is on your mind. You will not only understand each other, but also happier and closer to your partner, mentally and emotionally.

Bring on the sexcitement: You are managing to make time for each other, but are you making out enough? Rather, are you making out well? Despite having regular sex, things might get monotonous, and thus boring. Let your bedroom become your playroom – experiment in bed, explore each other and find some inspiration to do the new. No source of inspiration is taboo when it comes to bedding your legally wedded lover.

Date again: No, we don’t mean someone else! You are never too old to be young again, so revive that college prom date when you first met and kissed or recreate a memory of the time you courted before the wedding. Or better still, plan a surprise for your spouse and do something you haven’t done together in a long while.  Plan a secret movie date your family doesn’t know of, or leave the kids with their grandparents and head out for a seaside dinner! Go to a spa for a rejuvenating session or take a joint appointment for that overdue hair colour treatment!

Pursue a hobby together:  Sign up for a dance class, cook together, spend the weekend at a vineyard learning about wine… simply put, find an activity to undertake together. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as both of you are finding a common ground to re-bond over. Not only will you learn something new, you will discover a side to each other which you didn’t know existed.

Plan a holiday: And we mean a holiday without kids, friends or family members, just the two of you. It could be a short weekend trip, but this time away from everyone and everything will help you focus on each other completely. More often than not, couple forget to do things only for themselves, and even when they do, they feel guilty of shirking their responsibility. Don’t forget that you have a responsibility towards each other as well.

Indulge in me-time: An unhappy person can never love another. So make sure that you spend some time with yourself doing things which make you happy as an individual. It’s only when you feel complete and content with yourself that you will radiate that energy around and shower your spouse with the needed love and attention.


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