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Colour Your Mood

Colour Your Mood

We may know or not know, but colours have a huge influence in our life. Nature consists of myriad colours which have a significant impact on our mood and can set the tone for the day. So wearing a colour suitable to one’s mood is a clever thing to do and is advisable for everyone, no matter what their profession and personality may be. Here is a list of how some very common and favourite colours can brighten your day and improve your mood.

Yellow: Wearing yellow clothes brings happiness and positivity to not only yourself, but also to the people around you. Yellow signifies the sun, which stands for warmth, cheer and positivity. So if your spirits need a little boost, wearing this colour will serve as the perfect pick-me-up.

Black: If you are feeling nervous, then this is the colour for you as black radiates power and authority. So a black shirt, top or jacket can spell P-O-W-E-R for a meeting or social gathering. It also makes its wearer appear slimmer. But in certain cultures and scenarios, wearing black is a strict no-no, so a little research about the local norms would be advisable.


Blue: Blue is associated with many positive emotions such as tranquillity, loyalty, trust and even productivity. So a touch of blue to your attire can make you feel calmer and more productive and make a great difference to your day.

Red: If you wish to feel creative, bold, attractive and really energised, include red in your attire. Red exudes warmth, passion, strength, energy, love and even aggression. For ladies, a plain red lipstick can be opted for, but if you generally avoid wearing bright lipsticks or wear none at all, a red top or pair of heels will also serve the same purpose.

White: When you feel disturbed and restless, a white outfit can be your best bet. White stands for peace, purity, positivity and calmness. So include white in your attire and experience a sense of calmness, no matter how chaotic your surroundings are.

Pink: Pink is a warm, romantic, soothing and calm colour. So wearing a pink shirt or top can help you feel more positive and balanced throughout the day and also add some romance to your life!

Purple: The colour purple stands for royalty, creativity and romance. So if you are in the mood for something classy, stimulating and romantic, purple is the colour for you.

Orange: Being a combination of two lively and warm colours, orange represents enthusiasm, vibrancy, passion, fun and stimulation. It can be worn when you are in the mood for some action, fun and frolic.

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