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Dalai Lama: His Teachings of Peace

Dalai Lama: His Teachings of Peace

Dalai Lama; the Buddhist monk is one of the most pious spiritual leader who has helped many people to attain bodhisattva.  The compassionate saint of Tibet commenced with his monastic education when he was just six years of age. He is the owner of Geshe Lharampha; the highest level degree that equates doctorate in Buddhist philosophy. The revered guru emanates energies of compassion and serenity from his yellow and red attire. Dalai Lama is known to be the epitome of reincarnation. He has inspired uncountable souls during his lifetime and has many followers who belong of different cultures and traditions. Some of the best teachings of Dalai Lama include:

Happiness comes from your actions and is not ready made

Almost everyone recklessly hunts for happiness and peace in order to have a better life. In true sense, there is no secret formula for the attainment of happiness. Nothing worldly can give happiness. We all need to create it through our own deeds and actions of compassion. Until and unless we are kind to others, it is not possible for us to attain the desired state of bliss. The war and bloodshed will never let you stay at peace. Keep your heart full of mercy and motivate yourself to the pathway of generosity. Only then you can be happy and at peace.


Always be hopeful

The tragedies of life should be taken as a source of motivation. No matter how painful and troublesome life you had, if you lose hope then there is nothing worse than that. Hopefulness keeps one motivated against the battle of life. It fortifies us against adverse circumstances of health, work and personal life. Hope aids spiritual growth and keeps us joyous even when life gives no reason to smile.

Importance of charity

Charity does not limit itself to helping others through monetary incentives. It is rather a wide term that encompasses love, empathy, care and concern for others. Even if you can’t do anything for others, at least don’t hurt them. Lending a helping hand to the poor, sick and sad souls shall give you uncountable blessings that will ease your life.


Don’t worry

Dalai Lama says that there is no point of worrying because if the problem has a solution then it can be fixed, while if there is no solution to it, then nothing can be done about it. In any case worry won’t help. Worry is the root cause of depression and stress. A person who is depressed cannot handle any situation whatsoever. Thus, one should remain cool and calm even in the most negative circumstances of life. Worrying generates negative vibes which create opposite effects in the situation of life.

Don’t be judgmental about others

Every one of us is at different path of life. Judging others will have a negative impact on our karmas. Moreover, it will distract us from our life goals and also delay our achievements. If you actually want peace of life, then stop paying attention to what others are doing and saying. Concentrate in your own work and watch your life turning the way you want it to be.

Religion means simple kindness

One of the most impressive and relevant teachings of Dalai lama includes practicing of no religion yet all. He says that human heart and mind is the real temple. The philosophy of kindness generated from within should be the real worship. In the name of god, there is no point of being orthodox and sacrificing animals.

Peace is not just absence of violence. It is rather exhibition of human compassion and sympathy. The compassionate sentient will always think positively about others and remain at peace. The attainment inner peace is what it demands to become a spiritual being.


Don’t become the slave of technology

Instead of being a controller of technology, we choose to become its slave.  The technology has really taken the best of us. It has reduced real time communication and efficiency by overpowering us. We get addicted to the machines and stop our personal growths. Using technology is good, but enslaving it is bad.

Love is unconditional

When you start judging someone, then you do not actually love them. The one we love is perfect in our eyes.

Anger blows of the wick of your mind

Sometimes, anger becomes the biggest cause of our embarrassments and regrets. A moment of anger can bring years of destructions. The Hindu mythologies have an entire holy book called “Mahabharata” which is based on outcomes of anger. The fury can devastate the ability to consider the truth. As per Dalai Lama; a human must remain quiet at the moment of anger. Few minutes of silence can help one avoid some of the worst situations of life. Moreover, it maintains healthy relations and peace around you.


Set realistic goals

The main purpose of setting goals is to have a comfortable and prosperous life. But, the human’s beings, in contrast set up so wide parameters of success that it turns impossible for them to attain. In order to attain those goals, the human beings end up destroying their entire life and achieve nothing at the end. Thus, Dalai Lama says that if you have been bestowed with a life of a human, then make best usage of it. Don’t use it like a donkey who works all day round. But use it like a human being who is indeed an epitome of dynamism. Set goals to become a better person rather than simply running after world things and impermanent pleasures.

The multi-dimensional teachings by Dalai Lama will definitely maintain a calm demeanor within us. The practice of compassion and peace keeping is what the world needs and should follow. Happiness cannot be found in external elements. If you actually want to be happy eternally, then change your goals and search for the inner peace in contrast. The inner peace is described as the “universal peace” by Dalai Lama.

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